Quick Factoids : 
- ; Teng Poh Vee ; P o v y the nickname.
- ; A typical Aries, 2nd April 1992 - stubborn, feisty, impatient, forgiving & violent, sometimes. Get envious easily. 
- ; Born and raised in the beautiful island - Penang, Malaysia. But currently based in Kuala Lumpur.
- ; Design Student, did Interior Design during her college in Raffles Design Institution.
- ; Petite in size & chubby.
- ; Apple's FaniPhone, Macbook Pro & ipad.
- ; Camera Freak, switch within Sony RX100M3, Casio TR-15, Lumix GM1
- ; Loves chipmunk, she finds herself looking like one of them especially the teeth part. lol
- ; Laugh most the time even without a specific reason; Crazy at times, Screams all the time.
- ; Outgoing, love mixing new friends, enjoy mixing with Aries.
- ; Straight forward, dislike pretentiousSpeak whatever pops out from her mind, just like how the way she blogs
- ; Loves to bake, because she's such a sweet tooth, can never resist!
- ; Such a big eater for a petite girl.
- ; A deciophobia, got problem/fear on making decision.
- ; Hyperactive, forever energetic, unless she's sick or sad.
- ; Loves to Talk, can talk all day and night, if she's not sleeping.
- ; Fall a s l e e p anytime, anywhere whenever she's bored or tired. 
- ; Tend to cry easily for no reasonemotionally unstable sometimes.
- ; hates to be alone, prefer staying in a group or at least two. Company means a lot to her.
- ; Pink O b s e s s i o n , secretly lovin everything in PINK
- ; Loves to dress up in my own way, go with the flow. Might not up to date though.
- ; Brands Fascinator, passion over fashion even it's not some high fashioned brand.
- ; Enjoy traveling aroundwiden my exposure and make me a better person.
- ; Blogging makes me h a p p y , whereby i get to express all the shit i want whenever i don't feel like talking. Read about me at Nuffnang Featured Blogger December 2012
- ; Respect her family, always the first than anything. Blood is thicker than water. 
- ; Simply adore her friends. Quality friends come before quantity. It takes years to build strong friendship & forever to keep it. ♥ Wingeez darlings 
- ; Fairytale Heroine. Believe in fairytales, well quite silly at times, i know.
- ; Believe in herself, to be or not to be. Live life to fullness; never look back with regrets. 

I am who i am; Love me, love me not.
Love P r i n c e s s Lockyalips. x

  On Everyone's Lips by Povy Teng, Princesslockyalips