Travel Diary : Summer in Santorini (Travel Tips)

Friday, January 22, 2016

It took me few months to compile all the photos (let alone the procrastinating part lol). I'm now finally blogging about the dream place that I'm dying to visit at least once in my life time. It's so surreal, no longer a dream. (Law of attraction does really works, at times. Lol) I went to Santorini last summer with boyf Alvin.

Outfit from Muse Be Amused | Gladiator from Yours Truly Lady

Of so many places to begin with for couples, I chose Santorini (and Italy) over any other countries. Most of the couple would prefer travel to Paris instead, because it is the city of love. However i don't and not planning to go there anytime soon, because of a saying, i heard that couple who visited Paris and Bali will eventually break up way before they last till their marriage. (proven by people around me, but well some managed to get married at the end though #justsaying) So yeah, the superstitious me told myself not to go Paris first then! Lol. And err since it's gonna be our first couple trip with Alvin after we got together, i just don't feel like risking my relationship! Lol

It was quite a last minute plan for Europe trip, we only got our ticket and hotel book in month time before we depart. We got our flights all messed up, driving me crazy seriously. First we began from KL, then transit to Abu Dhabi, Rome, Athens, then only we reached SANTORINI! Flying almost 36 hours, in the plane and resting at different airports. The worst trip planning ever. Kill me please!

Santorini island view from top. Spot the volcano in the middle

Tips #1 Proper Research before booking
Tips from my friend who often traveled to European Country. Do a proper research, survey on flights, hotels and places you want to visit and BOOK IN ADVANCE. (No last minute plan like us! FML) If you're planning to visit on different places in different countries. You may start off your trip by getting your air ticket to the first country and get your air ticket back at the last country. Save a lot of time flying from one place to another. 

After all the flying hassle, We finally arrived in Santorini and checked into Elea Resort Santorini Suites. By the time we reached our resort was already 9pm. Elea Resort located at Oia, approximately 10 minutes walk from Oia Village Centre.

Elea Resort is a complex of high-caliber architectural structure, which respects the local aesthetics and tradition combining them with contemporary trends and decoration. This ingenious integration has resulted in a bioclimatic construction that respects but also takes advantage of the unique natural environment this magnificent island so abundantly offers. 
Only a stone's throw away from the center of the village of Oia—a UNESCO world heritage site—totally complying with the ambience of the village, Elea Resort is a premium holiday destination, created to offer serenity and to satisfy the highest of your expectations in an atmosphere of elegance and refined luxury. 
Enjoy swimming in the superbly arranged surroundings, under the Cycladic sun and among the alluring sounds and scents of the greek summer, relax by the pool or on the sunbathing deck, borrow a book from the library, take advantage of a spa treatment, or simply daydream while absorbing the unparalleled mediterranean light during the day or the stunning sunset in the evening.
Elea Resort Santorini Suites
Oia Santorini
Tel : 22860 72099
Email: info@elearesort.g

We got the Superior Jacuzzi Suite with a private veranda with heated jacuzzi and sunset view. Breakfast will be served everyday in front of our room where we can overlooking the Aegean Sea. (Mine was somewhat blocking wtf)

The buildings and rooms in Santorini are pretty small due to Cycladic architecture: white painted villages that stand on the top of the high red-coloured cliffs. You will never see any tall builing in Santorini because the volcanic explosion many years back then. The town itself only has buildings which are two stories, latrines and drainage pipes. Our rooms are unique with the semi circular roof.

The number of cars and taxis are pretty limited in Santorini. So we rented an ATV for our transportation travelling around the island. First stop will be Fira.
Fira, the main town of Santorini is pretty astonishing itself located at the edge of the caldera giving breathtaking views to the volcano. It is built on the edge of the Caldera , about 250 metres above the Aegean and is the main town on Santorini having all the important public buildings. The highlights of the capital are the traditional houses which blend with the lovely venetian characteristics like the arches and vaults and the colourful stairs. Due to the hard weather conditions (heavy hurricanes in winter and solar heat in summer) and the protection from the pirates invasions, Santorini's architecture is very much similar to the other Cycladic islands. Of unique charm is the sunset of Fira, for which the island receives thousands of visitors. Among the narrow paths of Santorini are the beautiful churches, architectural jewels that blend in the island'1s landscape. The settlements of Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia offer a breathtaking view to the caldera and the golden sunset making the island an unforgettable destination for the summer vacation. 

Tips #2 Rent a ATV or Motor Or Car
If you plan to move around in Santorini. Due to the small island, only 1 way up and down on the road in Santorini. Unless you wan to hang around with the city where you are staying. It's totally impossible for you to walk from 1 city to another. You may try, maybe few hours? Lol.

One of my favorite dessert loukoumades, greece donuts. Freshly fried with chocolate filling in it. 

There are plenty of cafes perched on the edge of the Caldera and busy with tourists. We had our lunch in Fira, finally overlooking the entire Aegean Sea. Under the cliff with be the first port is located in capital of the island. Cruises to nearby islands, the volcano of Santorini and the small island of Thirassia depart from the port in Fira. If you want to reach the bottom of the cliff, it's either by walking approximately 600 steps up the path (left) that zig-zags up the face of the 800-foot cliff or by riding a donkey. The donkey rides, which cost around €5, as a transport option that local mule owners provided for years before the cable car was installed.

Alvin is a very pet friendly person, he cannot take animal cruelty. So he refused to let me ride on the donkey, not even for 1 sec! Partly due to the safety and sloppiness of the path. True also when the donkeys are forced to climb up and back down a pathway with around 600 steep steps under the bloody 40 degree hot weather.

Next we headed to Oia. Oia is Santorini's prettiest and most popular village, it is situated about 11 km from Fira. Oia perched over the Aegean on the Caldera. Oia has the best views on the island with many people coming just to see the sunset. It is Oia where there are many of the blue domed buildings you see in most of the postcards or photographs of Santorini and many weddings photoshoot were taken here. Oia also has a small port below, Ammoudi, this can be reached by 300 steps from Oia Village.

When the sun was about to set, we quickly rushed back to our resort to catch the sunset. By the time Oia will be already filled with many tourists waiting as it is the best sunset spot. Everyone in Santorini in Oia clapped their hands once the sun fully sets.

Such a breathtaking view, money can't buy!

The next day, we went on a morning semi private sailing tour for 5 hours, cost us around €200 per person. We got the tour booked when we were in Fira. I love how there's van service picked us up from our resort and drove us to Blue Lagoon Port. (Too bad i forgot about the tour agency name, but it's not hard to find it in the Fira or Oia.) I wanted the sunset tour but it was fully booked, WHY LA SO POPULAR!?

Tips #3 Research on Sailing Tour
Don't pre book your sailing tour online before your trip, try to walk around in the city to look for cheaper and better deal. You may compare the price before you book for the tour.

There was a constant flow of drinks, even or with wine and beer on the semi private trip. There were only 8 of us on the catamaran for the day with a good mix of ages. The crew chatted about the scenery, and tell you some of the Santorini history about the volcanos etc. Sailed past the Red and White beaches and then on to Akrotiri and the ancient lighthouse. After that we make a short stop in a beautiful bay for a swim and snorkeling. We then move towards the Volcano and the Hot Springs for a quick splash if your heart so desires, it's really warmer around the Hot Spring. Meanwhile our chef on board prepared fantastic Greek style BBQ lunch with lots of options for Santorini wine. We then continue sailed through the Caldera past the islands and dropped us at Ammoudi Port. The van service then sent us back to our resort.

Tips #4 Bring extra outfit after sailing
Bring along extra clothes to change after swimming in the sea. There were bathroom in the catamaran, you may shower or change into clean attire in it. Can skip the part of heading back to hotel, shower, change then come out again! A total waste of time!

Those were the boats by tourist, stopped by and 'parked' at nearby the beach just to swim. We were quite unlucky don't get to do so because of the amount of boats. Our captain decided to move on to next destination.

Tips #5 Best time of the year to visit Santorini
We were told by the crew onboard, Summer is their peak season of the year. All the rates and occupancy will be full from June to August. Everywhere is Santorini is filled with tourists. Room rates will be fluctuated by 50% or even higher. Yet it's so hot. I would definitely visit Santorini again but not during summer. I seriously can't stand walking under 40 degree everyday!

So the best time to visit Santorini is from March to May OR September to November. Right after spring and before winter. Price cheaper and weather cooler.

Fira overlooking from the catamaran

After washed up, we walked to Ammoudi Bay from Oia Village. Okay i managed to walk on that 300 sloppy steps yo, took me around half an hour! *proud* Ammoudi Bay is where the fresh sea creature were having sunbathing, hanging along there. Too bad we didn't manage to come in day time. We had dinner at Ammoudi, caught a different sunset view by the beach.

Tips #6 Get a transportation to Ammoudi Bay
Drive a car OR ride an ATV to Ammoudi Bay if you don't want to walk 300 steps. No taxi is able to reach. Taxi in Santorini only does for those transfer to airport, which is not worth it also, €50 1 way! There are van service can be called from the restaurant, around €10 per person. Not worth it also. Donkey ride the cheapest €5 but cruel! 

The last day, we woke up earlier before check out to stroll around our hotel. Had a quick dip, which got me super tanned not to mention after the sailing trip the day before.

Right after that, we headed to Oia Village since it's walking distance to our hotel. Took us around 10 minutes! But that would be the longest 10 minutes in our entire life. We were walking under the super hot sun right above us at 40 degree. We only rented an ATV on our first day in Santorini, so Alvin wasn't really happy about it, but anyhow we made it to Oia Village for our lunch. Lol.

Tips #7 Research on hotel exact location
If you don't plan to walk even in such short distance OR don't like to walk under the hot sun OR sweating like a cow. Then  please try to book your hotel or resort or villa somewhere IN OIA VILLAGE, try to avoid those outside Oia Village. Elea Resort is 10 minutes walking distance to Oia Village.

Our last lunch in Santorini, this place is made of love. Thank you Santorini, you have been great to us. We will definitely come back! (perhaps for wedding photoshoot or honey moon? Lol.) I'll make sure we stay in Oia Village the next time. 

Sorry i literally 'squeezed' everything in ONE post! Don't feel like separating the photos and the informations. So yeah! Please read and appreciate them! TQVM <3

Ciao, Italy next!

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