Travel Diary : My Stay in HCM Jan'15 | Tajmasago Castle

Friday, August 07, 2015

TajmaSago is one of the well designed boutique hotel i have ever stayed during my Ho Chi Minh trip earlier of the year. Thanks to Tze Tzi's recommendation, or else i wouldn't have came across this amazing luxury boutique hotel as it is located at District 7, quite far from the city area (City centre is located at District 1).
The TajmaSago is a boutique resort development located in the crescent lake of Phu My Hung District, the cultural and commercial heart of this new township. Adjacent to the "Cham Charm Castle" and connected to the "Crescent Promenade" this boutique hotel adds another pearl to the string of attractions.
TajmaSago's interior and exterior are reflecting the atmosphere of the ancient Indian Maharaja palaces, which can be rarely seen whether in Malaysia or many other country. Beautifully decorated from windows with lattice works and set-back tiled glass frames play with the relation between inside and outside and create a mysterious yet romantic ambience inside. Upon entering the hotel, We can instantly experience an exceptional view over the terraced garden to the river with large stepped water areas and selected Indian sculptures.

One of TajmaSago's uniqueness is their limitation of room as it has only 3 stories for the entire hotel. But don't worry they do provide amenities include cinema, a private viewing room in the east wing and a spacious spa & gym with outdoor swimming pool in the west wing.

Our room located on the 2nd floor, the view facing garden. The garden picks up elements of the famous garden of the Alhambra thus matching the romantic theme. Our room is spacious with many sections, a waiting hall, bath and toilet separately into two section and a big kingsize bed over looking the balcony. Feels like a real princess having such a pleasant stay in the Castle.

No beautiful sunset here, so we had a quick dip before we off to dinner and a walk at the lake nearby.

Strolling around the hotel before we left the next day. There is a restaurant also a bar and cigar lounge area with its typical oriental designed retreat rooms ensures a spoiling luxury environment. Everywhere in the hotel is a spot for picture taking, i kid you not.

Everything was great, err except for the location. So here's a tips for tourist like me, this hotel may not be a good choice since it is far from sightseeing area unless you hired a driver to drive you around, the cab fare may cost you a bomb. However, you can enjoy spending a more peaceful evening at Tajmasago Castle when it is located in quieter area compare to the city, next to the artificial lake and park around.

TajmaSago Castle
6 Phan Van Chuong, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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