Food Diary : Underground Société

Thursday, June 04, 2015

What makes me happy? When I'm doing something that related to food makes me happy, simple as that. I care passionately about food, I would love to share all the good food to everyone around me. And because of that, it got me a habit of exploring new cafe or restaurant for the best food spot.

Thanks to Careen, she got me a really good brunch places last month at Underground Underground Société (US) around Subang Area, it is also founded by the owner of Garage51, Sunway & Coffee Société, Publika. Now you know where to get good coffee under the same roof.

Speaking of which, I barely go to Subang area as it is forever jam with college students and working pals. But the traffic seemed pretty fine for me on Sunday, I guess this is why she chose Sunday. It's been awhile since i last have a hearty brunch session, from food wise, environment till the conversations. It all went so well. We should do this more often.

I'm not a food critic, i eat everything but when it comes to those food that just purely looking good in picture but turn out like Sh*t, i will be super fed up and shall pay the cafe/restaurant no more! But for Underground Société, that's the place i will revisit over and over again just by looking at the picture above, super interesting and they not only look good but taste the same too, 100% worth every penny. Let me tell you more. 

Let's start with the drinks. I'm not a very coffee person but their coffee really got me caught my attention with something interesting. Guess what? Yes, ALCOHOL! Perfect thing for an alcoholic like me. 

Underground Float - Guinness, Baileys and Ice-Cream RM25

Mochatella RM16.90
Not your ordinary Mocha with only Coffee and Chocolate but with something new - NUTELLA!

Underground Black & White - Piccolo, Espresso and Sparking Water RM18

Mushroom Soup with Toasted Pimento Bread  

Salmon Tatare with Avocado and Pineapple Salsa 

Grilled Atlantic Salmon with Pesto Gnocchi, Sauteed Capsicum and Foyot Sauce  RM36

Smoked Salmon Scramble Egg on Sourdoughn RM18

Egg Atlantic with Avodaise RM18

Last but not least, the killers ready to be serve just right before we got our tummy fully filled with all the awesome food. Even some of their desserts contain of alcohol too. 

French Toast topped with Nutella Ice Cream RM15 

Underground Fireball (with alcohol) RM15

Underground Grenade (contains alcohol) RM26

Don't you think their desserts really interesting? Omg i think i repeat the word interesting for so many times but i can't help, they really are one really INTERESTING CAFE and i loved it! Just like th Underground Grenade, and guess what does it contain in the grenade? Hmm it's for me to know, for you to find out at Underground Société.

Underground Societe
No. 68, Jalan PJS 11/7
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @undergroundsociete for more information.

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