Laneige Beuaty | Two tone lip bar x BB Cushion

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Anyeong Haseiyo, greeting from a little korean fan girl who once visited korea and left her a big impression ever since that. Korea is always popular for their Kpop, drama, skincare, plastic surgery, make up and etc. What i adore the most is their perfect looking of all the Korean, from artists to normal people on the street. Apart from plastic surgery that gotten every Korean the identical look, but also their make up with identical perfect skin too. This simply shows how strong Korean beauty line has gotten so far.

I came across this top Korean beauty brand - Laneige far even before i notice about how useful their products are. Their online advertising really caught my attention because of i'm a big fan of Song Hye-Kyo in the drama That Winter The Wind Blows. I adored her natural beauty since i was young, no plastic surgery with perfect skin. After the drama, then i found out that she's the ambassador of Laneige.

Tell me how to resist on such a perfect look by Song Hye-Kyo? So I got myself some latest product from Laneige, one of their best seller item BB Cushion with 6-in-1 functions and their latest product Two tone lip bar.

I'm going to begin my beauty transformation to Song Hye-Kyo by starting with the Laneige BB Cushion. Not to mention Laneige BB Cushion is The World’s First, Fastest, Foundation-Forward BB Cushion. 

The award-winning Laneige BB Cushion also uses a specially-developed technology, called “Cell-trap Sponge Multi Cushion Form”, to put fine liquid contents in an optimal 800,000 cell sponge. Laneige 6-in-1 BB Cushion delivers light, fresh and natural make-up that keeps skin looking and feeling great throughout the day.

With advanced brightening technology, optimized ingredients, and improved function, colour and design, every woman can now achieve extremely radiant skin immediately with the new Laneige BB Cushion.

I'm using the whitening series in shades 13. One of the highlight of this product is air-cell puff that absorbs the moisture of the bb cream better and faster.

The application of applying the BB Cushion is very easy, just by holding the puff with 3 fingers and by pressing the puff into the cushion and pat onto face then apply throughout the day if desired.

I love how the effect is done just with the BB Cushion, my skin looks much radiant and brighter. Lets proceed to the next step with the Two Tone Lip Bar to complete my look. BB cushions are excellent base makeup products as they make the skin look flawlessly radiant without the heaviness of typical liquid foundations. What’s better is that there are added skincare benefits and sun protection included!

Let’s proceed to the next step with the Two Tone Lip Bar to complete my look.

The new Two Tone Lip Bar with one lipsticks, two colors that creates your own two tone mix for artistic lips, artistic color match and artistic gradation. There're 10 different color chip, i got mine in No.2 Red Blossom, No.5 Daring Darling and No.8 Neon Juice.

The new Two Tone Lip Bar comes in an unique bullet shaped design also made for an interesting conversation starter as most people have never encountered any lipstick in such a design. The diagonal cut on the lipstick helps to mixing the two colors on creating a natural gradient effect.

Here's a short tips on how to create the best gradient lip. I'm trying on No. 5 Daring Darling is a mix of cool-toned red and cool-toned bright pink.

Step 1 : Begin with lower lip
Glide the lip bar on your lower lip to let the main color applied inside your lip
Step 2 : Next upper lip 
Turn the lip bar upside down and glide it on your upper lip
Step 3 : Gradation
Press your lips together and go 'Mmmmm~'

Let's check out my three different looks for 3 different color chip :
No.2 Red Blossom 

Red Blossom is a pairing of a neutral red and a nude. The mix of red and nude got a pretty obvious gradient effect. I'm wearing it with a more mature make up with a blazer on like the usual office lady, i would highly recommend this for working lip color.

No.5 Daring Darling

Daring Darling is a mix of cool-toned red and cool-toned bright pink. Bright pink is always my favorite color, Hence Daring Darling is also my favor lip color among all the pairings. I can easily match with any outfit. With just a pure white top i'm wearing, the lip color definitely standout the most of its colors.

No.8 Neon Juice

Neon Juice is a pretty eye-popping color combination of lighter pink and bright pink and orange. This is probably the most funky color combination among the pairings. The combination of Neon Juice is much more suitable for a feminine look.

Super in love with the two tone lip color, the effect is super long lasting, you don't have to keep reapplying because it didn't even leave a stain on our mugs. As promised, it really was easy to glide on and unlike other lipsticks, where the product’s stickiness makes its presence felt. . Ladies, time to get yourself glide it on with the two tone lip bar.

Another plus point is Laneige's products are often very moisturizing, be it skincare or cosmetics when it comes to skincare or cosmetic. Despite being in the cold, a dehydrating office environment or the sapping Malaysia heat, our lips is kept moisturised throughout the day.

Taaadaaaahh, done with my beauty transformation to Laneige's ambassador Song Hye-Kyo. Yes i know i'm far from where she is, but at least i achieved her perfect skin and lip color.

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