New look

Wednesday, April 08, 2015


My blog revamp is finally done, here's a new look with the new blog link name If only you realise, my blog link ain't no more due to some issue. I have decided to give up on the previous link and start with a new link with my own name. So let's forget about the old link. Well i guess it's much easier to type it with only 8 alphabets. lol. Do check out the new slides i have added in for my header. Not to mention with the whole new theme, no more lace bunny. I'm now back with flowers this time. This photo series is named as 花の物语. Will definitely blog more about this photo series. Stay tuned.

Tell me what do you think of my new look? Would love to hear from everyone. Till then, have a nice day. xx

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  1. falling in love with your new blog design! <3 i've just redesigned mine and still working on my domain transfer.. now my blog is dead :((