Beauty Diary : [Review] Shiseido MAQuillAGE Dramatic Series

Monday, March 09, 2015

Last month, i was invited to Shiseido MAQuillAGE Spring/Summer 2015 Collection Launch. It was their first time since its launch in 2005, Shiseido MAQuillAGE has gotten a newer and fresher look.

Setting the stage for a fresh beginning, Shiseido MAQuillAGE is proud to introduce the Dramatic Series – Dramatic Melting Rouge, a new series of lipsticks, the Dramatic Mood Veil, a set of blusher and highlighter combined into a palette, and the Dramatic Mood Potion, a fragrance for body and hair, and a limited edition True Eye Shadow.

Today i'm gonna review on a few products from this very series. I personally love this series because of it's feminine and elegant with a touch of sexiness.

First will be the Dramatic Melting Rouge lipsticks, i got two shades to create different look, one in Killer Kiss (OR 221) and Red Velvet (RD324). This lipsticks is simply juicy and able to create luscious lasting lips made by luxurious beauty oil, the new Shiseido MAQuillAGE Dramatic Melting Rouge infuses your lips with sensuality from the moment it is applied.

With the Dramatic Melting Rouge, lips are wrapped in a beautiful color layer with a rich brilliance, and dry, chapped lips are moisturized. Condensed, lustrous coating film repairs lips with vertical lines while its beautiful finish lasts without creasing and fading.

One of my favourite product from the entire series will be Dramatic Mood Veil (PK 200), the set of blusher and highlighter combined into a palette. This palette is available in two colours, Coral Pink and Peach Pink. Different shades create different impression. I got mine in Peach Pink in order to give a gorgeous and bright impression.

Achieve lustrous rosy glow with the new Shiseido MAQuillAGE Dramatic Mood Veil. This powdery cheek/face color comes with 5 colors and 5 textures that is able to enhance your beautiful facial features and expressions. This long lasting face color fits perfectly on skin even with facial movements while retaining the initial lustrous and dull-free finish.

The Dramatic Mood Veil also comes with a specially designed dual-end brush with sponge that allows easy application. The brush consist of a combination of firm and soft fibers that picks up powder very well, allowing shading to be done easily and quickly. The dome-shaped sponge, on the other hand, is soft, and allows precise application of color and completing a gradational finish without requiring any special techniques.

Last trying out something new in entire make up life, this will be my first time applying a purple shade with Shiseido MAQuillAGE limited edition True Eye Shadow (VI 233). This trendy colour combination is able to produce a meltingly soft light that blends well in to the skin with lasting clear colours and able to show off a combination of 5 colors that accentuate the pupils.

There are 5 shades in the palette, 4 of them are more to earth tone where the main colour is light purple shade to add a bright high clarity colour to upper eyelid. I love how the 3rd shade is playing one of the important role to add shades in harmony with the eyes and skin of Asian women and enhance blending of the main colour. Because seriously i think it's kinda hard for purple to blend with other colour except for earth tone, the harmonising shadow just perfectly fine for it.

The palette also comes with instructions in order for us to get a better standing on how to use it and create the perfect look with different shade in the palette. Well some might think the instructions are in Japanese, but fret not, those thoughtful Japanese already have that labeled out nicely, you wouldn’t need to read it anyhow just follow the label will do.

Such a beautiful palette perfect for everyday make up. I love how the light purple shade turned out to be, really casual yet blend in very well with the earth tone. Not to mention about I have got everything I need in 1 palette eye shadows, highlighter and eye liner. One of the perfect combination ever!

Product Reviewed :
Dramatic Melting Rouge Lipsticks Killer Kiss (OR 221)
Dramatic Mood Veil Peach Pink (PK 200)
Limited Edition True Eye Shadow (VI 233)

This will be my final look after using Shiseido MAQuillAGE Dramatic Series for my eyes, cheek and lips. Go to your nearest Shiseido counter and check out their latest MAQuillAGE Dramatic Series, they are now available from February 2015 onwards.

Hope you guys like my Make up review above, i would love to do more in the future. They're actually quite fun and way too beautiful. Do let me know if you guys are interested on more make up review or maybe vblog review? Drop me a comment below, tell me what are you guys would be interested the most? Hope to hear from you guys soon. :)

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