Hermès Silk Ball | Sept'14

Friday, January 30, 2015

I guess it is never too late for me to blog about the world renowned brand, Hermès. As everyone knows Hermès is a French high fashion house specialising in leather, ready-to- wear, lifestyle accessories, perfumery, and luxury goods. Last year the Hermes Silk Ball has masked out their specialty as one of the most anticipated social events that has since made its way to other countries, including Malaysia just to showcase it's colourful silk scarves instead of other luxury goods.

Hermès Silk Ball was held at the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall on the month of September. Thank you the Tan's siblings for inviting, the privilege of being the VIP's of the fashion store. Hermès Silk Ball was masked in the theme of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, so most of the guest were required to put on a mask. I love how thoughtful Hermès actually prepared a selection of paper masks with their latest silk scarf prints for the guest.
Dress from online | Pink YSL Clutch | Christian Louboutin Grenadine Glitter Pumps

Don't freak out by the venue itself because it is a somewhat old looking from the outer of the mansion. The event was well decorated first from the entrance was a mini maze with striking Hermès silk prints on the wall leading up to the main hall. Guests had to find their way to the end of the maze which opened up to a dimly lit room. 

Such an eye candy, beautifying the entire events with nice decorated venue and well dressed up guest. All the guests were seen taking pictures all over from the peak to the hall. The event was a colourful affair which filled with all the socialites and celebrities dressed to the nines. The evening started with a performance by a group of dancers, who later taught some guests a couple of dance moves. Followed up with several fun activities such as fortune teller, photo booths, makeover and creatures wrapped in Hermès scarves.
babe Chia Ee, thanks for having me.

It's my favourite time throughout the whole event, the fortune telling with tarot reading! Guess what did i asked for? And what will you ask for? Future? Family? Love? Career? Friends? Hmmm.. Such a wide range of answer the tarot master gave me, i'm satisfied overall. :)

Miss Hui Ni
Charlynn, Yujia & Teng Teng
The Hermes tattoo session

with the gorgeous ladies, Corryn, Moon & Chia Ee
& so the guys ; Rith, Chee Siang, Jia Hui & Leon
Put the mask on
All the babes ; Angeline, Chenelle & Dior
Babe Karen
Hot Mama Shaine
Babe Dior
Ending this post with mama moonie, always good to have her around. <3

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