Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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One more week till we bid goodbye to the first month of 2015, sorry i wasn't ready and got my mind blanked out weeks ago. So yeah I finally got my me time, spending in the hospital, and got some words left unspoken from last year, to finish up this year.

It's funny how i re-read what i wrote on my review and resolution last year (here). I guessed i have done and earned more on 2013 than 2014. 2014 has been a topsy turvy year, and by far the fastest year that passed. Partly because i wasn't doing anything specifically, done my studies, did not further anyhow, officially began my life, stepping into the adult, working has been a routine, hanging out, mixing new friends, make money, start to learn what matters in life. Life is a lesson, keep walking and learning.


Review ;

I gained new family. Welcome my brother in law and of course my dearest Nephew, Baby Clarence. My sister gave birth to a baby boy, and i'm now an aunt. (Sounds old i know! but who cares? We got older day by day, all it matters is young at heart) You will never know how much we love him, he's like a gem in our family. That's why, blood is always thicker than water. Apart from that, thanks to my brother in law, meeting his family is like opened up another family for me. Really grateful about it.

I gained friendship, met a lot of new faces last year, from family to friend's of friends, from party to events. I may have distanced with my usual Wingeez darling, but our heart will always be together no matter what. They're my soul sisters, since young, nothing can beat that. Well I also made a lot of new friends, just within a year time, we were as though we have known each other for quite a long period. Now i know how to set priorities on friends that really matters to me, it's not about who you have known the longest, but who came, and never left you aside. Thank you all the sweet people around me, who always stood by my side when i was on my down part. You guys really amazing.
Best friends are like stars on a cloudy night, you may not see them but they are always there, through thick or thin their friendship will always shine bright.

I gained different exposure. Thanks to blogging and also working, it has opened up another different level of life exposure, to me at least. Blogging has always been a hobby also a side income to me when i was studying. However, i tried to step out of my comfort zone, make blogging not the only source of money, i went to look for a proper job. Last year i started working in a corporate bank, i learned a lot in the particular job and also i gained pretty close relationship with my colleagues that i would never thought. Before that I never know hanging out with colleague could be so fun, it's literally like a family. Really appreciate to have them in my work place, they taught me a lot too.

I gained traveling experience. Not to say a lot, like i flew every month, but i will make sure i get to pamper myself with a trip every now and then. In fact I have not been to any new places, just purely revisiting the same old country i have previously went but do it in a different way, with different group of friends as well. From small group to big group, my trip turned out to be super fun and i loved it. I guess that's what company really matters and means a lot to me too. Sometimes i do traveled alone, sometimes i kinda upset about the fact i was flying alone; however sometimes i don't, in fact i'm happy about it and kinda enjoyed it too. Well traveling really makes me so much better.
Life is an adventure, take risk and go on travel. Travel is not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

I somewhat lost my health. Not to say i'm dying but i never thought my body will somewhat break down because unhealthy lifestyle. What causes it was my bad eating and drinking habit. It was really suffering, i learned my lesson, i should love myself more and take care of my health. Not really lost, i began to gain a perception for my health and for my own good. Win win situation i guess. (Sorry this will be the last time i admit into the hospital, i swear! At least for the year 2015. Perhaps the next time maybe i'm giving birth? LOL)

I lost my domain. If only you realize, I'm currently using instead of Due to my carelessness, some hacker bought over my domain when it expired. Sigh, it's all my fault. I like to take things for granted, i thought the domain still exist even if I did not renew it, so I just leave it. God who knows someone actually bought it and created spam, and now it turned into a hacked site(please help me to report it now, so that it will be gone forever!). I spent couple of years building my little empire for my blog aka oneveryonelips, they're like my babies. I was pretty upset and thought of giving it up at one point. But I hold back my silly thoughts. I told myself, i have to fix it, I don't mind rebuilding all over again, as long as all of you are here with me. Don't worry I'll still keep blogging, keep sharing. Planning to venture on more personal V-log. (Feel free to tell me what you want me to share in V-log, give me some inspiration) have faith in me ok? *finger crossed*

I lost No One, in fact some one. Two years ago i lost someone used to be very closed to me. Ever since that, on and off i met people that i once thought he could be the right one, but i guess cupid isn't doing his job well. I'm still lost in no where, in the middle of the sea. However, thanks to those love lesson, they really got me a big head shot on forehead and make me realised it, life isn't that bad after all, we still have plenty of stuff to focus in life. All we need is just patience (imma such a typical Aries, fire sign horoscope, know to be very IMPATIENT!) & also never undervalue ourself for someone who never appreciate us; If it's meant to be, it will be.

I guess that's all for my review in 2014, a pretty good sum with pros and cons, gain and lost. Overall 2014 was a real quick one and it was great, looking forward to 2015, i'm sure it will be better. I'm not lucky but i'm blessed. I constantly remember to make conscious efforts to change your thought today for better and healthier tomorrow. Not to forget, be thankful & don't forget to count your blessing.


Last but not least, also the one and only resolution for 2015 will be BETTER! Be a better person, do a better job, meet a better one, everything will turn out to be at the better place. I don't set any resolutions to restrict myself working on them, i will let them go with the flow. I'm sure i will scheme something better as time goes by. The good one has yet to come, i'm waiting, patiently. Wishes are for fantasies; fantasies are for dreaming; dreams are for living!
Have faith, dream on, make it happen! Life is like a bowl of ice-cream, it melts very quickly so enjoy it while it lasts.

 Happy New Year once again, toast to a better year, abundance of joy & love, health & wealth. x

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