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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Happy new year lovelies, this is shall be my first post in 2015 before i blog about my new year resolution. (Still cracking my head on what actually happened for the past 1 year, in fact nothing really happened, it just passed in a blink of eye. Gimme some time. *finger crossed*)

Christmas and the entire December will always be my favourite month, I love how Christmas songs playing every corner, those Christmas decoration with snow flakes, fake snow(Sorry la Malaysia ain't no winter, have to decorate a bit with the fake snow) and Christmas tree, from simple one to those fancy creatively decorated in the mall. Every single of them simply makes me feel so happy. Always been look forward to this very festive month, full of holiday and celebrations that gathered everyone together.

Belated MERRY CHRISTMAS from Me!
Have you notice the new hair colour? I just got a dark purplish brown hair dyed at Restyle, A Cut Above. Yay or Nay?

Frankly speaking, Christmas last year was by far the first christmas eve i ever spent with my siblings. I love to travel, well not to say i travel a lot, but i will usually travel during Christmas Day or that particular weel with my friends. And partly also because my siblings were separated in different country last few years, it's kinda hard to gather all of us together to celebrate this very day. Thankfully this year all of us were no longer separated by distance. (ok la my brother still in Penang with my parents, i shall photoshop him in the photo then. Just kidding) We finally get to spend this day together. Nothing big, just a normal christmas eve dinner, however simple things like this actually meant a lot to me and something for us to look forward to. We literally planned it few weeks ahead and sister got us the idea of exchanging gifts too.

My elder sister, Joanne & her fiancé David

My third sister Joyce & her husband Weelim

Jojo Joelle came in and joined for our Teng's dinner. So she was a Joelle Teng on that night. Welcome to the Teng's family. <3

Sorry no picture taken for my second sis Pohfern & Kenyo!!

We had our dinner at Jarrod & Rawlins, Jalan Bangkung. Location wise PERFECT, because it's within Bangsar area, super near to where we are staying. (We just got so annoyed traveling in KL whenever it comes to public holiday, the traffic is massive! Don't play play!) 

I love how Jarrod & Rawlins christmas dinner were served, there's no restriction on christmas set dinner to all the guests on that particular day. Ala Carte menu still available. There were 8 of us but we only got 5 sets of Christmas dinner, we ordered some Ala carte from the usual menu so that we could try out something different instead of having the same thing for everyone.

Starter for the Christmas Set with serrano ham and rock melon

Those are the Christmas Dinner that comes with Turkey accompanied by some servings and sauces

From Ala carte menu, roast pork ribs

And some other food went missing, no picture taken. Too hungry. Oooops!

I love how the Christmas tree was perfectly set next to our table. 

wearing dress from Love Bonito

The dinner was great, after some chit chatting and dessert we moved on to the very moment where everyone has been looking forward to, The Christmas Gift Exchange. Well i would say it's gonna be something fun yet cheeky. Because we have really no idea what our closed one would get for us, like literally NO! 

Taaaaadaaaaaah the most exciting part nowwww! Revealing the Christmas presents!
 Surprisingly all of us love our little presents even though it wasn't by a secret santa, we were just doing a random gift exchange.

I got a Bling Bling Silver Starbucks Mug from Joyce. I love it so much when i'm so into BLING BLING these days! happy x 732593524058249 times. Now i can have my Milo in the BLING BLING MUG! Don't mess with my mug yo! #mymugisbetterthanyours

Joyce got a L'occitane pack from Joanne, whereby her hubby got a starbucks card from Pohfern

My second sister Pohfern got a Mr.Right pillow from Weelim. Such a perfect gift for her, i don't mind getting it though. #insidejoke #justforsingleladies

Joanne got a Red Wine from me, whereby David got a wine opener from Pohfern. Ssuch a thoughtful gift from me and pohfern when both of my sister and brother in law love drinking so much. Apparently our family loves drinking! #dontjudge #drinkingisFUN

Joelle got a Water tumbler from Kenyo and what a coincidence when her gift was chosen by Kenyo too. Gift exchange right?

My Christmas well spent with my loved ones. Sometimes in life, you will come to a realisation that it's not about the quantity, it's the quality and accompany that matters. Looking forward to more celebration with my dearest family, i shall tag my brother Teng along. #nomoreleftout #bloodisthickerthanwater #tengfamily
Ending this post with our group selfie. #wefie

Till then, hope you guys enjoy this post like i do. 


Jarrod & Rawlins
63, Jalan Bangkung
Taman Bandaraya, Bangsar, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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