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Monday, December 22, 2014

It's December now, since it's gonna be the last month of 2014, i'm gonna bring you guys to another exciting level in my blog. Today i'm gonna blog about one of the excited games i joined few weeks ago in Penang. Well the whole thing of this game is a conceptual, puzzle-solving RPG played on-ground and in-person. With a team of several people, maximum capacity depending on the difficulty and to be locked in a room, and are given in certain time to let them escape from the room. Meanwhile have to solve a series of puzzles and challenges in order for the whole escape to be run. Most of them comes in storyline and theme according to different room. The one i went was Xcape Singapore latest branch, also the No.1 Real Escape Game in Singapore in Penang!

Xcape Singapore is a world-leading brand in the global phenomenon that is the Real Room Escape. Millions all over the world have tried out and fallen head over heels with this new concept of entertainment. For those who still do not know, partaking in a real room escape circuit involves you and your fellow comrades to be inserted into specially designed rooms whereby you would need to solve puzzles and complete challenges before time runs out Reading a book allows your imagination to run wild, going to the cinema enables you to be wowed by CGI graphics and sounds but being in a real room escape circuit means that you are physically immersed into the story. For the duration of the game, you and your group of friends will be isolated from the real world, your thoughts only on escaping the room and this is probably the reason why this concept has caught on with the masses. Who doesn’t want to escape the real world for a bit?

Xcape Singapore offers a Real Room Escape experience like no other. Not only will you have to crack your wits in trying to solve the puzzles like every other escape room, you will also be confronted with physical challenges and tasks that you alone will not be able to overcome. Their designers have sat down at length and have carefully planned all the circuits, clues, puzzles as well as the audio and visual effects to give participants an immersive experience like no one else have done before.

Our girls team on our first Xcape Room experience, Kenix, Yi May, Wendy, Joelle and Von.

Let me show you some of the interesting games they have in Xcape Singapore. Don't worry i won't reveal much, it's for you to find out yourself.

"Once powerful and respected by the world, you are now helplessly detained on Citadel Island, where the vilest felons are detained without trial! It is rumoured that there was only one mad scientist who had ever successfully escaped the hi-tech detainment facility. Good thing for you that he left a trail of cryptic clues around then. Can you find these hidden clues and Xcape?"

"The President is afraid and is about to succumb to “the Company”. The only way to prevent that is to access his mind and plant the idea that he can count on Dr. Hachi to defeat “the Company”. However, the President has been trained to defend his subconscience from such attacks. If you cannot complete the mission and wake up from both dream levels within the hour, you will be trapped in limbo forever!"

"A crucial witness who could attest for Dr. Hachi's innocence and the existence of the terrorist organization known as "the Company" has mysteriously died. It is now your mission to uncover the secrets and save the world. Can you unravel the mystery of his sudden passing?!"

"In order to return a favor to Salvatore, Dr. Hachi has assigned you the mission to infiltrate the mansion rumored to be Dracula’s. By “cooperating” with supernatural creatures, you will attempt to overcome the perilous traps and hurdles to retrieve the one and only cure for the supernatural beings to become “normal” again. The fable of immortal beings, blood thirsty souls, and the curse of darkness may be more than just a myth....."

And guess what, we made it through for INCEPTION after struggling for 1 hour! Thanks to Yeong Khang came in and joined us as well, otherwise i don't think all girls could make it till that far. 

Randomly came a crossed the article at zaobao introducing Xcape Singapore too. 

Do check them out more about Xcape Singapore at www.xcapesg.my and follow them on Instagram. @xcapespore.pg.

Xcape Singapore, Penang
Level 1 & 2, No. 41 Persiaran Bayan Indah,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel : 04 - 638 6399
Email : xcapesg.my@gmail.com

Operating Hours
Non Peak Hours: Monday - Friday 11AM-6PM
Peak Hours: Monday - Friday 6PM-11PM
Saturday - Sunday 11AM-11PM
Public Holidays 11AM-11PM

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