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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Every girls always concern about their appearance, regardless face or body shape. Yes just like i do! Well i may look kinda 'skinny' to many people out there because of my petite. However it doesn't mean I'M NOT FAT, i do have excessive fat on some parts of body. So i decided to try on Mary Chia Weight Loss Program few weeks ago, and just one session about 1 hour, i could instantly see the result that my weight went down by 1kg and i felt slimmer after that, no joke!

Before that, let me share with you a little history about Mary Chia.
Established in Singapore for more than 32 years with a strong market position, Mary Chia is the first beauty and slimming service provider listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”) on 11 August 2009. Rising as a small home-style player to an excellent full-fledge beauty and slimming international group, Mary Chia has achieved beauty & slimming dreams of more than half a million Singaporeans to date. As an innovative-driven beauty and slimming specialist, Mary Chia is the first centre equipped with high-tech facilities imported worldwide which provides services similar to medical center or medical specialist. With five star ambience, coupled with cutting-edge technologies and professional beauty and slimming service team, Mary Chia offers fast, effective and safe treatments for the comfort and satisfaction of customers.

The Weight Loss Program works in an approximately 1 hour time, it includes Air-Pressure Machine, Dx Machine Vibration Bed, Detoxification Sauna and Silhouette Sculpt Body Wrap. It helps to enhances metabolism, improves blood circulation, and smoothens lymphatic drainage.

First, i was asked to change into Mary Chia in house robe, so that it is much more easier for the process to be carry on.

I was given a pair of slippers, Mary Chia Robe, Shower cap and underwear. haha

Loving the waiting area, so cozy. Such a good place for the husband and kids to chill around while waiting for their mother to get their 'business' done.

After that, i was assisted to the weighing room, to get my weight record done and check through my whole body for eccessive FATSSSS!!! OMG i want to look like that model on the poster!!

Before stepping on the weighing machine and before the cruelty hit me badly! DAMN FAT POVY!

First session will be Air-pressure Slimmer for 15 minutes, also known as Drainage Therapy effectively promote lymphatic drainage. Specially for those who lack of sleep, stress, nutritional imbalance and imbalanced diet.
As for the process, i have to slip in both of my legs into the air pressure 'pants' and wait for it to expend till the fullness.

Our vibration bed and air-pressure slimmer effectively promote lymphatic drainage while sauna and full-body wrap seal in the slimming benefits for a svelte figure.

Next session will be Dx Machine Vibration Bed for 15 minutes. It enhances body metabolism and improves blood circulation. Also equivalent to 45 minutes of rigorous exercise.
The therapist assisting me on the vibration bed.

My favourite process now, 15 minutes Detoxification Sauna to flushes excess water from body.

I wrapped like a ninja there to prevent dehyration.

Did you guys realise i was wrapping by transparent wrapping roll. It's actually for Silhouette Sculpt Body Wrap to enhances body silhouette. It can be done before or after the sauna process, and i decided mine to be during the sauna process.

Overall, it may be a little tiring for the past 1 hour, sweat like a mad cow, but it feels good to me, very refreshing. Still a little blush on my cheek after the sauna due to the heat.

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