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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Ever since i started work on full time, i realised how precious time could be, especially when it comes to shopping, not even have time for random shopping, rather spend my off days and weekends with love ones. Thanks to Zenzen Dream, online shopping made easy.

Zenzen Dream is an online web store that source a complete array of haircare, skincare, cosmetics, perfume, body, slimming products, nail care, beauty tools, beauty accessories, unique creative gadgets even to creative gift. Zenzen Dream store always reach out and cater customers from Malaysia and all around the world.

Let me show you guys what i got from Zenzen Dream. 
4 Stages Shape Slimming Waist Trimmer
Professional 2-in-1 Straightener + Hot Brush
Korea Lady Up Facial Cleanser
Lace Invisible Transparent Double Eyelid

My favourite item will be Professional 2-in-1 Straightener + Hot Brush. Ever since I cut short my hair, the awkward shoulder length is giving me a big headache. Normal hair curler is no longer being use for my awkward length now, thanks to Professional 2-in-1 Straightener + Hot Brush to save my hair now. 

Product Specification:
Length: 33cm,
Voltage : 110V-220V
Multiple Heat Settings (110c, 140c, 190c and 210c)


My hair can now go from Frizzy to Straight or Curled with Just ONE Tool! It can straightens, curls and styles faster than usual! 

Not forgetting adding volume and shine to et an amazing curl that lasts all day

Next will be Korea Lady Up Facial Cleanser. A deep pore cleansing, Refreshing pore cleansing for stressed skin. It uses Sonic Vibration Facial Cleansing Brush also comes with compact size and lightweight yet easy to carry.

Suitable for skin types;
Designs for the facial skin problems
Oily skin, blackheads, acne, pigmentation skin, dead skin, old wrinkles skin, etc.
Size: 26.1cm x 6.2cm x 3.4cm

After usage, wash brush hair fully not to remain any cleaning foam. It will help to use brush longer. Drain off the water by patting on paper tower gently and keep in dry and airy place. Recommend to use in suitable period in case of skin trouble from everyday usage. Do not use for other purpose except pore cleansing. Just simple as that.

Working actually kills lots of time, hardly got time to go for gym. But i can't let fats keep growing on me, so i got myself a 4 Stages Shape Slimming Waist Trimmer. Well, it gives out Far Infrared Ray, which helps sweating in local area effectively. It also maintains the heat, helping you sweat in a short time and increases the pressure of the waist area, protecting your waist from fat accumulation, which helps shape your body.

You may use it when bathing. This will help increase the Far Infrared Ray’s effect. If you often need to sit for a long period of time, you may wear it when you are sitting so as to prevent your waist from fat accumulation. You may also wear it when you are taking exercises. It will help you sweat a lot even if you take little exercise.

There are 4 zips on the product. It fits for waistline from 56 cm to 98 cm. In winter, it helps keep you warm. In summer, it helps you lose weight quickly if you wear it and take exercises. Body-hugging but comfortable, this trim slimming belt supports your lower back and improves your overall posture. Compression support provides stability, helping promote flexibility and reduces chance of injury.

Last is the perfect make up tool to create a bigger eye when i apply make up. It's the Lace Invisible Transparent Double Eyelid help to have natural double eyelid. It makes thin eyelids clearly visible. Good for enhancing eyes. Very easy to apply and easy to use by applying little eyelid glue. May cut to the right size fits your eyes

Product Specification:

Although it is not self-adhesive, it is very simple and easy to use by applying little glue on it which just only take a few second
Suitable for all skin color.
Package included: 48 Pairs (96pcs)
Colour: Transparent
Eyelash glue needed to stick on.

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Before I end this post, do check out, also an online blogshop by Zenzen Dream. I'll be selling my preloved clothes there. Now you know where to hunt for bloggers' dress ;)

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