My new Lacelle #Wow Lens

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Have you seen the purple truck that have been appeared in quite a few places in KL lately? Do you have any clue on what is the truck about? It's actually a Lacelle Bausch + Lomb, a Lacelle #wow truck. Come let me tell you about it, because me myself just joined these big Lacelle family and got myself the nicest Lacelle lens.

But wait, what is Lacelle ? the NEW Lacelle - Fashion Accessory For Your Eyes
With more than 160 years of heritage, Bausch+Lomb, a trusted brand is proud to present to you the first cosmetic lens in Malaysia – Lacelle! 
Inspired by glorious makeup, the new LACELLE MONTHLY series will enhance your eyes with lace-like glamour. LACELLE and LACELLE COLORS come in a palette of radiatn colors in a unique-like pattern which allows you to transform your looks whatever the occasion and still be you - FUN, SPARKLING, CONFIDENT 

Just last week, i finally managed to hop onto this Purple Lacelle #wow truck located at Lot 10 this time. (Just for your information this Lacelle #wow truck travels to  respective location on different days, so try your luck to catch them! Or you may find out their schedule on their Facebook page)

the Purple Dino Lacelle #wow truck

Tagged Jie Yi along with me to experience our first Lacelle experience. 
Happily playing with the props, pardon me!

Of course our main objective is to visit the Lacelle #wow truck and get a pair of lacelle lens for free! Also we were told that, by taking part in “Face of Lacelle” photo contest and we can stand a chance to win weekly prizes. Who doesn't want free gift and prizes right? Most kiasu people on earth!!!

The helpful Lacelle staff helped me on the registration first

Simply amazed by the little Lacelle #wow truck that, it could fit in a registration counter, a basin and a mini photo booth. It will be more than 10 people packed in the truck most of the time. That's i called it a Purple Dino Lacelle #wow truck, really like a dinosaur i fret you not!

Not to mention the power checking part corner
So happy to get my visual power checked, no power increase so far. Good maintain! 
Put on my Lacelle lens after i got my power and my favourite designs from Lacelle lens.
Lacelle is monthly lens, 1 pair in a box (RM68). It comes in two types, Limbal for big eyes effect, modest black and tender brown whereby the normal colour for colour effect,  jubilee violet, sparkling brown and frozen grey.

Last is the photo session time.

By joining “Face of Lacelle” photo contest and you can stand a chance to win weekly prizes. (weekly top prize : RM500 fashion fast forward voucher and RM150 sephora voucher. Weekly consolation prize x 4 : RM150 Sephora voucher) and grand winner will be first ever Lacelle ambassador in Malaysia (feature in major magazines and digital medium) and walk away with RM1,000 cash + 4D3N HongKong Trip x2 worth + one year Lacelle cosmetic lens supply.
Okay done, and i got my Lacelle lens with me in hand now!

Faster get your Lacelle lens now before the Lacelle #wow Truck stopped in the market.

Thank you Lacelle, i brought two lens home with me.  

I have been wearing my Lacelle lens ever since the day i got it. Lacelle lens' size is perfect fit, just nice not too big or small. (I personally dislike those extraordinary BIG lens which nearly covered the whole sclera, which looks like some zombie to me! LOL) Not to mention the uniqueness of the design of Lace Pattern falls on Lacelle lens, simply enhances my eyes beautifully, and my eyes are bigger and shinier instantly. Now i don't have to worry about the longer duration too, i can wear like marathon yet super comfortable. Need no hassle from removing my lens every eight hours.

Below two are what i picked earlier, Sparkling Brown and Modest Black.

Ending a picture of mine wearing Sparkling Brown. Till then, xx

For more information check them out at and Who knows you might be the Lacelle ambassador!

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