Panasonic Lumix GM1 Review | Silent Mode & Wifi

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Hello today, I'm back with Lumix Gm1 special feature that amazed me. I'm sure most of the camera share the similar functions but this special feature from Lumix GM1 is a total different thing from all that. A minor features that i'm kinda particular on, guess what it's the SILENT MODE!! Hell yeah, you know how annoying when the capture beeping sound that is forever LOUD, it annoys me most of the time! Now i can have my camera beeping on and off decide by me.

Besides that, Lumix GM1 also equipped with wifi function for Lumix Image App for iOS or Android devices. Just so you know cameras that enable wifi function are pretty common these days. My previous camera does provide this function as well, but i love how Lumix GM1 enable remote control during photo taking and photo selection. The wifi function is very capable for Lumix GM1 Image App for iOS or Android devices.

Wifi allows the camera to wirelessly browse the images on the larger and more detailed screen of a smartphone, tablet or laptop, copy them onto these devices, upload them to online storage or social media services (either directly or via a smartphone), or become remote-controlled. 

remote control

wifi photo selection

It is very easy on the wifi set up, just press the function button atop the camera to either create a new connection, or load one you've previously configured. (You may check out the wifi button here) If you're creating a new connection you can choose from 'remote shooting and view', 'playback on TV', 'send images while recording' or 'send images stored in the camera'.

For a smartphone / tablet connection, you should choose the first option for remote shooting and view. This then sets up the GM1 as a wireless access point, displaying the SSID name and password. You'll then need to start the Lumix Image app, select Wifi as your means of connection, select the GM1's network and enter the password.

Till then, just to share with you guys on my few favorite features from Lumix GM1. You can check out the picture quality taken by Lumix GM1 in all my post, will constantly update about it. Goodnight (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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