Beauty Diary : [Review] Spectra™ Laser Peel, Revival Clinic

Friday, June 20, 2014

What is your main concern when it comes to beauty? Fairness used to be on top of my list, however after few years as i have achieved what i'm having now, that is no longer my priority. And guess what recently got on my nerves so badly? The Big pores problem! It's so sad to have large pores for combination skin.

Most of my pores on the skin are small enough to be nearly visible to the naked eye, but not to those open pores below my eyes and around my T-Zone. Although those pores could be easily covered by make up so that they re less noticeable. However it won't feel good after a couple of hours, my combination oily skin tend produce oil at that very spot, there it goes my make up is indirectly ruined anyhow.

I'm just like all the other woman out there, wish to look good most of the time, this is why i'm more beauty conscious to attempt smaller pores so that i can have smoother looking skin.

Last few months I came across Spectra™ Laser Peel at Revival Medical Clinic, located at TTDI, the heart of Damansara. Revival Medical Clinic KL is a boutique clinic designed to provide personalized care to patients in a relaxing & professional environment. Revival only offer FDA approved, non- and minimally-invasive treatments ranging from skin and hair rejuvenation procedures, acne and pigmentation solutions.

Revival Medical Clinic does thorough skin, face & lifestyle assessments for all their patients. They believe aesthetic medicine goes beyond beautifying or rejuvenating the appearance and it is an approach of medicine to improve the quality of life of an individual.

But wait what is SpectraPeel?

SpectraPeel is the latest non-ablative skin rejuvenation procedure providing the most effective treatment for enlarged pores.

How does SpectraPeel reduce enlarged pores?

A photo-enhancer(carbon) will be applied to your facial area, which is naturally absorbed into the pores. Next, the laser's energy create heat causing a photo-acoustical effect to remove excessive sebum, eliminate dead skin cells, and at the same time unclogged the pores. Regular treatment can stimulate collagen production and decrease pore size, giving you clear and healthy skin!

While SpectraPeel is extremely effective and long lasting, like ordinary laser treatments it is not permanent. To maintain the clinical results and your clear skin you may need to schedule follow up visits – usually once every three months is enough.

Dr Felicia is a very polite and helpful doctor, she was so nice to explain every single questions when i have doubt towards SpectraPeel.

I don't know of it's me or most of the people out there does pay attention on the treatment room. I feel much more comfortable when the treatment is held in a better envinroment. Cleanliness does affect too. Certainly the treatment room in Revival makes me feel good. :)

The treatment room

First, Dr Felicia washed and cleaned my face before she began the SpectraPeel. SpectraLotion™ containing fine carbon particles is applied thinly and evenly onto the face. Fine carbon particles penetrate into the pores and acne scars. The laser is evenly applied over the skin tissue, creating a combined photothermal and photochemical peeling effect, which precisely removes the outermost layer of skin.
There are 2 modes during the laser. Dr Felicia explained that the 1st mode is the Spectra mode which penetrates deep into the dermis that has a photothermal effect, stimulates skin collagen and exfoliates skin. The 2nd mode is Q-switched mode which removes the carbon layer while it shrinks pores, reduces sebum production to reduce acne, stimulates collagen remodelling, and penetrates deep into dermis fracturing melanin (source of pigmentation) removing unwanted pigmentation. All resulting in cleaner younger looking skin

SpectraLotion™  also the special formulated carbon particles applied on my face now, hence why my face looked kinda black. INDIAN MEEEEE! Lol

This is the second pass where the laser causes explosion of the fine carbon particles. There will be “peeling” of the carbon layer and mechanical injury to PORE wall for pore size reduction.

This is the second pass where the laser causes explosion of the fine carbon particles. There will be “peeling” of the carbon layer and mechanical injury to PORE wall for pore size reduction.

This is the second pass where the laser causes explosion of the fine carbon particles. There will be “peeling” of the carbon layer and mechanical injury to PORE wall for pore size reduction.

Last but not least, here's a short youtube video about SpectraPeel that Dr Felicia shared with me for better understanding. 

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  1. Hi pretty! I came across your blog while I google-research for some laser treatments in town. I have the same open pores skin problems and hope to find the best laser treatment with little to no downtime as I can't bear with any redness. I read about your experiences and treatment done at the Revival clinic, and i can see the immediate result after your spectra laser session. the open pores that were visible before have become almost invisible after the session, I am not sure the before/after photo you displayed on your page was after one session or several sessions, would be great if you could tell me more. Were there any obvious redness, or sensitivity felt after the treatment? Could you reply to my email at ""? Would love to hear from you more! thanks! ~Andra