Tokyo Birthday Getaway #1 | Hello Tokyo!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yes, I have finally been to TOKYO! Just so you know my last visit to Japan was 2 years back during my student exchange homestay, and I DID NOT VISIT TOKYO! It's annoying like how you visit Malaysia but you never been to KL, the heart of the country. Oh well well, i could finally land on this amazing country on my birthday this year, not to mention during the sakura season, what more love could i ask for? (๑・ω-)~♥”

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Apparently apart from all those, there were a whole lot more i have yet post when i went to Kyoto, Osaka, and Okayama and another homestay at different state of Japan at Hyogo-shi. Let me know if you guys still interested on reading them, i will try to blog or maybe just share some of the pictures since already taken. Haha

Back to Tokyo now! The main highlight of my trip will be Sakura! Sakura is only available on Spring season every year, from mid March onwards, just nice for my birthday. Thank you Mother who born me at the right time, right month with the right horoscope, Aries! (Sorry i'm a very into horoscope that i literally tried to study the personality of every horoscope! Call me a horoscope freak! /∇\*) And now i have another reason for me to even love my birthday more. I somewhat relate my birthday with SAKURA! Yes Sakura blooms on my birthday for me! WTF? *slaps*

Best part of all is, travel to Japan has save a lot more hassle ever since no visa required for Malaysians. And a plus point for the currency exchange, Japan no longer sounds SO EXPENSIVE now (Still very expensive to me! I'm broke now!). I remembered the last time i went, the currency exchange was 100yen equivalent to RM4, whereby now 100yen equivalent to RM3. Spending wise will be almost the same as Hongkong, except for you can hardly get cheap airticket to Japan if only you book much earlier or on special fare. (?・・)σ

Cut all the non related crap that has NOTHING to do with Tokyo, i know i know! So we took a midnight flight with Delta airline, a major American airline. Why flew with Delta instead of AA or MAS or etc? Because it was a very last minute trip for my birthday, the pricing of flight ticket increase like mad thanks to Sakura (Sorry Sakura i have to put the blame on you, my bad!) And since most of the airlines' prices will be the same after including all the baggage and taxes, why not go for a better airline which will only cost you slight more yet you get to enjoy a better seat during long journey with FREE in flight meal. (Typical Penangites mentality, Kiam siap i know! wtf)

Landed in the morning, perfect way to kick start my trip. Took a Bus instead of train from Narita Airport to Shinjuku. Our bus stopped right in front of Lumine Shinjuku Mall. Well, most of the people would rather take N'EX, The Narita Express which is fast and much more convenient with only around less than an hour and directly connecting Narita International Airport with major cities in and around Tokyo. However, it will only runs every 30 minutes during most of the day. Morning usually will be very pack during peak hour, so we took the bus instead approximately 1.5 hour?. It's okay, we got to take N'EX before we left tokyo. ( ★ω★)

You know it's always better to travel with someone who has been to the country, so they will do tour guide part and I get to enjoy being a very demanding tourist.ヾ(*´▽`*)ノ (Because I'm the one usually do all the research and tour guide job regardless who I traveled with, wtf!) Cities hopping on our first day, literally went to all the main cities in Tokyo

First stop, Shinjuku 新宿区. Shinjuku Station is the main and also one of the world's most busy railway that handle up to millions people every day from railway to subway. One of the reason why we stayed here too, pretty convenient. One of Shinjuku attraction will be Japan's largest red light district, Kabukicho. It is just located right next to our hotel seriously, sometimes we could heard the loud music came from Kabukicho at night. (*`へ´*)

How to resist when there's luxurious shop right next to the entrance of Shinjuku Station?!

The first thing after we touch down the city was to check into our hotel, Prince Shinjuku Hotel. The hotel price range is from RM500 onwards for a 3/4 stars hotel. Very very convenient, it is just right next to the lively Kabukicho area, walking distance from JR Shinjuku Station. However don't ever expect any spacious room in Japan unless you willing to pay more for it. Budget a bit yoyo! (>’o’)> 

Just a mini sofa right at the end of the bed, there it goes the window and THE END of the room. Lol. Can you imagine how 'spacious' it is. Lol

Shinjuku Prince Hotel
1-30-1 Kabukicho,Shinjuku, 
Tokyo Prefecture 160-8487, Japan

Brunch time, off to Ichiran Ramen at Shinjuku, 3 minutes walk from our hotel. Ichiran is a famous ramen chain in Japan that served the one and only classic Tonkotsu Ramen in the world. The best part is, it opens 24 hours!! You can have ramen from breakfast to supper, i kid you not!

First buy your meal ticket at the vending machine at the entrance of the restaurant

find a vacant seats, you may refer to the vacant seats information panel

customize your flavor and mark on the order sheet for your preference on every component of the ramen to be

how the vacant seating was like, you may remove the middle panel if you want to talk to your friends. But Japanese will usually keep it closed, they would rather have their own privacy while enjoying their ramen! Well this will never happen to me, I hardly eat alone! LOL

A very excited face, can't wait to try them on! 

My snow egg, purposely ordered for that yoyo!

Nicely served from the cubicle in less than 5 minutes. Sorry Spring onion overload! Not mine for sure! HAHAHAHA 

This is how a perfect Tonkotsu Ramen!

Ichiran Shinjuku Station Central East Exit
3-34-11 B1F Shinjuku 
Shinjuku-ku Tokyo-to 160-0022

Next, Harajuku 原宿. The entire Harajuku Street is so crowded from day to night, most of them are fashionable young people. I was hoping to see many of those lolita and cosplay japanese walking around the street but sadly not, only few of them. Disappointed a bit though! Well, shopping in Tokyo is like heaven especially you get to shop those pretty rare fashion hipster brands that only available in Tokyo. Most of them are located at Propeller Street in Urahara Backstreet of Harajuku.

Go crazy when i saw what they sell in their Drug store, how i wish Malaysia's watson or Sasa can allocate half of them. 

Had my one and only crepe in Harajuku, i'm not sure if it's Angels Heart Crepe or Marion Crepe. Both of the crepe stores stood right opposite each other lol. There were also a few lot more crepe cafe along Harajuku Street, however i decided to try on this two stores instead because of many people were queueing for them. Kiasu mentality! Haha

 I was surprised that Japanese were so polite that they don't eat while walking on the street. After they got their crepe, they will either sit or gather next to the crepe shop until they finish it only proceed with their shopping. You will never see them walking with food on their hands. 

Night time in Harajuku Street, still super pack! 

Finally found Chrome Heart in Harajuku

Very tired after a long flight and walking around. Ignore me thank you! (*ノωノ)

Before dinner, we went to Shibuya 渋谷 to take a walk at Shibuya Crossing, a must visit when you come to Japan. Why? Because Shibuya Crossing is a popular intersection where Tokyo Drift were filmed. Of course enjoyed a cup of coffee in Starbucks Shibuya store that over looking the entire Shibuya Crossing is A MUST DO!. Did a little shopping at Shibuya 109 later on, shopping heaven from level 1 to 10 full of girly stuffs.

Starbucks Shibuya Tsutaya 
21-6 Udagawacho, Shibuya, 
Tokyo 150-0042, Japan
Tel : +81 3-3770-2301

A picture of me with the famous Hachiko Statue in front of Shibuya Station, also one of the popular meeting spot. Yes me love doggies. (⌒_⌒;)

Last stop, Ginza 銀座. By the time we reached Ginza, it was almost 9. Most of the malls in the premiere shopping district already closed down. So we just rushed to our dinner place, some alley few streets off Ginza Station. Had authentic japanese grilled skewers as our dinner at Matsusuo Yakitori Bar. Well, i was told by my friend, the yakitori bar it is a not very touristy place, only local japanese will know about this place. I could see most of the people are white collar, they will usually go after their work to have some beer and yakitori.

The entrance of the Yakitori Bar, very Local style right?

Having Yakitori here in Japan is quite different from what we had in Malaysia. The chef here grilled all the skewers with SALT ONLY, no sauce were added in order to bring out what's the origin flavor from the marinated skewers. A total new chapter for me who used to love sauce and soupy food a lot. Dinner was good, too bad i couldn't enjoy them till the fullness with beer. Stupid cough was bringing me down. NO ALCOHOL FOR MY ENTIRE TRIP, that was killing me seriously! I swear i will have to die die have alcohol on my next japan trip, don't care! LOL

First time having the grilled onigiri

Last ending my post with plane food from Delta! Yes i just love them for no reason why. ˚₊*(ˊॢo̶̶̷̤◡ुo̴̶̷̤ˋॢ)*₊˚⁎

(Sorry i don't feel like posting as the first picture because i don't want this not so glam picture as my cover of the entire post, but i can't help i die die have to share my love with ya all. HAHAHAHA)

That's all for Day 1 in Tokyo. Hope you guys enjoy reading it, and let me know if you prefer only pictures or with my grandmother story? Till then, stay tuned for more Tokyo posts. Tata (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

P/s: If you notice there're quite a lot of Japanese emoticons in this post to match with my Tokyo post. Woohoooo. Kawaii or not? (*^3^)/~♡

(All pictures taken with Panansonic Lumix GM1)

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