Povy Double-Two Color Pop Birthday '14

Friday, May 02, 2014

A day i have been looking forward every years - my birthday month, April! I just realized i have not been really really celebrating my birthday like throwing party celebrations for the recent years. It's either i'm oversea for trips or just a mini dinner with my loved ones. Well, since i have no more 'friends restriction' like i used to have back then, i decided to throw myself a party, not a big one but a fun one. Haha.

Apparently this year my birthday's actual date on the 2nd of April, i will be traveling as well, so i purposely bring forward my party to the weekend before the actual day which falls on a wednesday. I was clueless what to have in mind before that, all i know i want was all my friends come to celebrate my so called big Double-Two with me. Haha. Err you guys must be wondering what so big about Double-Two right? Nothing much it's just a number for period of time whereby you can still proudly announce your age to the public, not until when you're Double-Three?. lol. I don't think many girls out there would do so on their 33 years old, i'm sure i'm one of them! Lol

Since i will be inviting quite a number of my friends, to make them look coordinate, I got my party a theme, a COLORFUL theme and i named it after Color Pop, like those Andy Warhol style with different color mix and match, just to stand out a little. There it goes for Povy Double-Two Color Pop Birthday. Let me begin with all the pictures now.

Colorful much enough? A collage pictures of the photo stripes taken by WOW Photobooth <3

You guys must be wondering of all places why i chose Container Hotel? Container Hotel is an eco-friendly hotel that emphasizes on going green, sustainability and promoting art designs that provides convenient, comfortable and competitive services to allow guests to indulge in the best. The idea of CONTAINER HOTEL was inspired by the concept of “Kyosho Jutaku”. In Japanese, it means living large on a tiny footprint, by building a nice and compact house utilizing only a very small space. Container Hotel located at Jalan Delima, two streets away from the busy Bukit Bintang Triangle, centrally located and easily accessible. Of course the interesting concept of Container Hotel caught my attention, with not only an eco-friendly hotel, also a hangout spot for everyone. Just nice for my birthday.

For enquiries and bookings for Container Hotel, 
please do email enquiry@containerhotel.com.my or call at +6012-702-2851

Instagram : @containerhotel

Balloons all over for my birthday

All my blogger babes, Casey, Careen, Maggie, Jacklyn, Chenelle, Karen & Bell.

Penang homies, Sis Pohfern, Sis Joyce, Han Ni, Joelle and Caryne

My best Raffles mates, Michele, On, Ken, Lyn, Lydia and Jaynise. So good to see everyone gathered together after we graduate for so long.

The happy couple, On and Zoe

Super Fun Twins, Sze Ling, Sze En and boyf William

My fabulous friends, Lumi & Brian

My Providence kaki and also the lovely couple, Yushi and Ryan

Crazy friend, Winston. Why act cool here? Lol

Babe Paige from Benefit. Thank you for coming and organized such a fun Benefit tea party for me

Everyone is happy with my Double-Two. Christopher, Ernest, Veron & Raffi!

More bloggers babe, Joanne, Jessica and Karen

YJ, Suh En, Jia Hui, Bob and Nichls

Local celebrity friend, 小东 from 东于哲

Happy Married Couple, Careen and Boon

Jane and Daphne, my hot blogger friends who came late but still thanks for coming babe. Blogger friend sekalian with two hot wives Careen and Jacklyn

Jason and Felix came later on to join their handsome gang!

Not forgetting the Yang's sister that reached earliest, too bad they need to rushed to Cheng Meng! :(

Selfie with Hot Mama Shaine

A Big Pink Tank at the entrance also it has transformed into a Mivva booth that night.

Thank you to MIVVA Beauty Box Sponsors, me and my friends got the best way to discover exciting and suitable beauty products! All the sample unique exciting products by premium niche brands, learn beauty tips & tricks, connect with fellow beauty enthusiasts and earn points with every purchase. Reimagine Beauty Online. Wait every month, MIVVA would handpick 5-6 deluxe beauty products and deliver to your doorstep too and be surprised!

 Website : http://www.MIVVA.com/ 

I was a part time Mivva Distributor!

Those were what inside the MIVVA, quote my name gets special discount on your next MIVVA purchase too.

The founder and owner of Container Hotel, Vincent and Ryan with their friends. Thank you for hosting such an awesome party for me.

I wanted something very casual dining when it comes to food, so i ordered buffet food cater that able to place along the common area of the hotel. A mixture of chinese and western dishes prepared by Food Land, nice food with great service for food cater option. 

Apart from food, many thanks to my beer sponsors. All my friends got to enjoyed some ice-cold Asahi Super Dry and Kronenbourg 1664.

Facebook Page for Asahi Super Dry and Kronenbourg 1664 :
 - https://www.facebook.com/AsahiMalaysia

All chilled ready to serve! 

How can a party missing out with photo taking session? I want every of my guest walk away a photo memory with me. So of many photobooth out there, i love WOW Photobooth among all those at many other events.

WOW photobooth is state of the art of course, offering things such as live view touch screen technology, the latest digital SLR camera for hi resolution photo's, the highest quality photo printing with dual photo strips and no cutting required, and even saving the files to disk for you to enjoy or print later. Available for wedding events, cooperate events, branding, parties and etc.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/wowphotoboothmalaysia/

WOW Photobooth also provides fun props on the spot to make it look like awesome people. The aim is only want one shot at least, or maybe three of different poses to make your final picture awesome than you are. After that you need to choose you props, get into the booth space and make yourself ready.

Just click the 'Touch to Start' and take 3 different poses. You just need to wait for 12 seconds to get 2 copies of High resolutions pictures printed. By right after that you can email the soft copy to yourself while waiting for your picture is printing and done! Simple is it. See everyone is happy with WOW Photobooth, thank you for giving me such a wonder birthday memories.

Posing with the ice cool beer Asahi and Somersby Apple Cider

Happily posing with the photo stripes

Angeline, the sweet girl behind Wow PhotoBooth, she's very nice and helpful so do all her colleagues

Many thanks to Ellui for eyewear sponsors during the photobooth session. Ellui Accessories is the first Korea Accessories Concept Store In Malaysia the latest Korean fashion trends and spanning a comprehensive range of fashion accessories, fashion jewelery and eyewear. Theit stores available at Sunway Pyramid, Farenheit88, KL Festival City Mall, Setia City Mall and 1 Utama.

Webstore: www.ellui.com.my

The founder of Ellui Accessories, Kevin and Thomas

Spellman joined us for our super chio ellui eyewear

Never skip the selfie with all the pretty eyewear

Did you notice that there were a few cute beanbags located at the common area? They are all sponsored by Freeasy. Freeasy made beanbags differently. Freeasy always stay true to themselves and what stand for, constantly changing and evolving but always holding on to the quality. Freeasy is the manufacturer. Every hand-crafted product is carefully created. Each of their goods has its own personality - a free & easy spirit, a rich tactile experience & unrivaled aesthetic.

Website : www.freeasy.co

Super big beanbag that we could literally shared for the 3 of us

Got a few fun design besides the usual triangle, it comes in Bear size and money pack too.

Everybody is in love with the bear bean bag

Instead of having the usual princess tier cake, i was looking for something different this year. I'm glad to meet Qi from Twenty First Qi Pasties, a homemade bakery that supply Pastry that people request. I love Qi, she's very helpful when it comes to design, i was clueless what i want at first then she proposed a whole new different level of cake design with cupcakes and cake at the bottom and a ball made by macaroons as a tree on top. 

My Pinkie Pirate Bunny holding the macaroons ball 

It was made of Chocolate cake and cupcakes

With the TENG's sisters, my forever love <3

A group photo with all the girls that night. Too bad it was about to pour after the cake cutting session, i have to shift into indoor place to prevent me and my cake from getting wet. I'm so sad that i couldn't get to do a group photo with all my guy friends. Pardon me! 

I'm very grateful to have such an amazing photographer friends would like to give me a hand on my birthday bash. I was so busy throughout the whole night, many thanks to Jaz Khai and Max Phoo for taking every single of picture me and my friends during my birthday bash.

Jaz is a professional photographer, check out his work at : https://www.facebook.com/jazkhaiphotography

Max Phoo, a friend who has passion in photogropahy

Usual party playground at Providence for my impromptu after party with all the hotties ;

 Melinda, Suphanee, Sis & Moon

Hottest babe Belle

Last but not least, it's been a month since my birthday, thank you everyone who came to my birthday party and all the presents, such a thoughtful gifts from all my friends. I was so surprised that so many of friends could turned up even no RSVP on Facebook. Felt so bad if I got no time to take the photobooth picture with each and every of my friends, my apologies.

Not forgetting all my generous sponsors, Container Hotel, MIVVA Beauty Box, Asahi Super Dry & Kronenbourg, WOW Photobooth, Ellui Accessories, Freeasy Bean Bag and Twenty First Qi Pastries. My birthday party wouldn't be so fun without all the sponsors. It was fun having my sponsors with my friends.

Much much appreciated, never feel so loved from my all friends around me. Many many love to all my friends, you guys literally made my Double Two a memorable one and of course the best! ヽ(*⌒▽⌒*)ノ

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