Beauty Diary : [Review] GEM-LIGHT™ Treatment

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Today, I will share you guys some beauty regimen, particularly about some daily hair issue. Just so you know we girls always have this hair issue from underarm, legs even to private part Brazilian area. Seriously i have been meaning to get a permanent hair removal for all the annoying hair because regular shaving have proven to be damaging for skin.

So last few weeks, i went on a GEM-LIGHT™ treatment for my underarm and upper lip at PhotonLife Bangsar, pretty convenient for me. PhotonLife provides a very cozy environment for beauty treatment.

Explained by beauty consultant Michelle

Michelle was nicely explained to me how the GEM-LIGHT™ procedure has to be. GEM-LIGHT™ Technology from Switzerland is different from lasers. The latter uses one beam of light to target a specific part of the body that varies in strength depending on its target. In relation to hair removal, the light or energy heats the hair follicle and if enough damage is done, the procedure can hinder further hair growth. GEM-LIGHT™ is different as it can produce specific wavelengths that can maximize the damage to hair follicles while minimizing skin damage. Simply put, a laser uses one beam of light and GEM-LIGHT™ uses several light wavelengths, making it more effective and faster.

The benefit of GEM-LIGHT™ permanent hair removal treatment will be:
  • Safe, Quick, Effective, Pain-free & Comfortable
  • Permanent hair reduction.
  • Long-lasting hairlessness
  • Textural improvement e.g. Minimizes pores
  • Promotes smoother, brighter and more moisturized skin
It usually takes 6-8 treatments to stop all the hair from growing completely.

The GEM-LIGHT™ Machine from Switzerland

After that, I was escorted by Michelle to the treatment room. I was first asked to remove my upper garment before laying down. Later on, one of the staffs came in and cleaned both my underarm as preparation for the procedure. She also applied a layer of cold gel on the area before running the machine on it. She then continued to instruct me to close my eyes during the entire procedure for further protection as the light from the GEM-LIGHT™ machine is quite strong.

The beauty lady informed me that there might be a sting for every light emission, much like a feeling of very slightly pulling a hair. This may vary per person. Personally, I felt almost no sting during the entire GEM-LIGHT™ treatment. The whole procedure took around 10 minutes for both arms. Not to mention i also tried on upper lip hair removal as well.

Here's a Before and After comparison for GEM-LIGHT™ treatment. However this will be my first treatment only, I have no clue how many treatments I needed in order to remove my underarm hair permanently. Hopefully I can get mine real soon, can't wait for them to be off from my life, prevent from all the beauty hassle.

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PhotonLife also provide other services such as, Facial Treatments, Body Slimming & Detoxifying Treatments, Bust Treatment using Advanced Beauty Technology from Italy and Switzerland

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