Birthday Present #1 | Panasonic Lumix GM1

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yay it's Aries Month, so now i got myself an excuse to buy something on my birthday month. You know girls will always have plenty of reasons when it comes shopping, thank god i don't have a boyf now to nag me on overspending this and that. Why not having some self pampering session to make myself feel better. #neverendingexcuses

I'm always a gadget freak, i'm known as such a super camera freak among all my girl friends but i couldn't help, i simply love camera, like whenever i see new model, i will go crazy! But of course my self control isn't that bad, i still manage to hold my desire back ever since i got my selfie camera like last year August? Haha

Wait not until i saw Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1, i couldn't help and immediately i got myself my first birthday present this year. You must be wondering why do i need so many cameras when my previous cameras were still doing good? Yes they're pretty good, but who doesn't want to look for a better option?

This time, Panasonic unveiled something of a very different shape: the Lumix DMC-GM1, a pocketable camera with a 16 megapixel Four Thirds sensor. It uses the same Micro Four Thirds mount that its much larger Olympus and Panasonic siblings have been using for years, but at introduction will be sold with a specially designed 12-32mm F3.5-5.6 kit zoom sporting a smaller diameter for the GM1's especially diminutive form. Indeed it's the smallest Micro Four Thirds body to date and one of the smallest system cameras from any manufacturer.

Let me show you how cool it is, time to unbox my present.

The whole new look of my white baby, yes i know again!

Obviously, the first thing that strikes me was the size, it's so tiny for an interchangeable camera. The Lumix GM1 is not just the smallest Micro Four Thirds camera to date, but the smallest interchangeable lens camera from any system. Yet while it inevitably becomes thicker when fitted with a lens, Panasonic has created a surprisingly compact kit zoom to go with it that adds little to the overall size and weight. Now i don't have the hassle bringing bulky camera around when it comes to travel.

To keep size of the kit lens to a minimum, it can be manually retracts and has no focus ring

The Lumix GM1 comes with manually released pop-up flash

Compact size but comes with a large LCD touch screen leaves little room for control whereby you can still play with the style  buttons and dials on the right

What comes with my Lumix GM1

Speaking of it's speciality, pocket size! The Lumix GM1 measures 99x55x23.5mm with the main body is actually a little smaller than an iphone in term of the size of width. Look now my camera is even smaller than my iphone and power bank! Well, the photos of the Lumix GM1 in isolation really don't do it justice, it's much smaller than it looks, with a body that's roughly the size of a pack of cards, and depending on region available in silver, black, white or orange finishes.

Just nicely fit in my Karen Millen Make up pouch

Brought my super cute pocketable camera out for a walk right the next day i got it!! 

Happy girl is happy with her birthday present!!!

Till then, here's a my review about the Lumix GM1 outlook, i shall leave the features and specifications to my next post. For picture wise, you may check out my instagram pictures with the hashtag of #povygm1 to find out more at the mean time. Stay tuned.


  1. Can't wait to see your pictures from this camera. Love the shape of the camera :D

    1. Sure babe. More to come for this cute camera!! :P

  2. luckylucky girl!! new camera is always love :'D

    happy belated x

  3. Glad you like it. Technically, Its not a SLR (single lens reflex i.e. got flipping mirror inside) but an interchangeable lens camera, but who cares anyway. I like my Lumix too :-) tho a bit bigger

    1. Thanks for correcting. Lumix is cool, the size is just fine for me. :)