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Monday, February 17, 2014

Random midnight emotional sharing. I have no idea why i'm getting sentimental when i'm not sleeping at late night. Lol

It's Monday by now(after 12), another brand new week official over with CNY and Valentine's Day, two pretty big festive events in every year. My CNY was pretty good, never been so 'wild', as in running here and there, enjoyed how when CNY wasn't used to be just like visiting relatives(well not much too, lol), friend's open house visits, collecting ang paos, gamble(which i don't really fancy, KIASU me!) and etc. This year was by far the most interesting CNY i had ever, partied 6 days in between the first 9 days of CNY. Never felt so hardcore, even the club in Penang opens everyday for CNY visits. This is how much i love Penang. Hahahahaha

Let alone the CNY part, what annoyed me the most will be the past Valentine's Day on Friday. I somehow i terrified by the fact that i'm actually single(No i don't love/miss my ex anymore, i called off my previous relationship), i just got so annoying when people keep came to me and asking shits about my past relationships knowing or maybe not knowing when it's over. One of the reasons why i have been hiding the moment we have problems even after we broke up. Before that i don't see a point and did not bring it up to public not until i actually blogged it in my New Year Resolutions post. All i want now is a new life, life that don't resolves with his business. He has clearly nothing to do with me anymore, stop telling me story about him! Not interested, no interest, nothing much to fancy about. So yeah! :)

Just another Friday to me, stayed in and cooked dinner for sister and this annoying Honey Hanni. Well i know she loves me, because i gave her lots of family love. Hahahaha. Had a great time with the silly around, always good to mix with people from my hometown, great mind always think alike! Awww makes me miss my Wingeez darlings so much now, i miss all the silly moments with them! <3

Anyway here's an inspiring Valentine's video, a video for Valentine. Sorry i only found it last night, pardon for the delayer. Lol

This beautiful poem and visual accompaniment celebrates what makes life worth living. Written and directed by Nathan T. Presley for Darling Magazine, this project praises the beauty of the natural world, the infinite potential within humanity, and the sense of wonderment we feel from the sublime. 
It’s really refreshing to see this type of message; notice there is no mention of gadgets, zero allusions to consumer culture and not one inkling of the rat race. Life can be simple and, in its simplicity, profound. Bless.

In this 1 minute video, it simply touches my heart, I could see what people these days hardly focus on. I love it when the video brought up what best in People, for the way they love, learn and grow. So if you could only choose 3 things in life, what would they be? Mine will be Family & Friends, Dream and Happiness. Tell me yours and let's exchange What makes you happy? 

Till then, hopefully more sleepless night coming so that more blogpost coming up, getting back to the blogging scene. Teehee.

Good night Earthlings. xx

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  1. Mine is the same as yours. Family comes first, Friends come second and last but not least my future aka dreams. I think you really deserve a great guy Povy! All the best to you! The day will come, but at the mean time, just keep doing what you're doing- Enjoy Life.