Beauty Diary : [Review] MeO Vit.K1+ E Topical Serum

Thursday, February 27, 2014

'The eyes are the window to your soul.' - quoted by William Shakespeare.

I couldn't agreed more with it, when eyes could literally do the talking when silence occured. So having beautiful eyes is something we should never neglect. Taking good care is the key to get beautiful eyes and make it glows. It takes a little effort and some know-how on the proper and suitable beauty products that suitable for our eyes. Choosing the right beauty product does help in maintaining the beauty of eyes.

I'm very concerned on each brand when it comes to beauty products, it has something to do with our face, so i got extra sensitive towards it. After looking for up and down, i finally found something right for my eyes, MeO Vit.K1+E Topical Serum is the one.

Vitamin K1 is for Dark Eye Ring, Blueblack, Brandy nose, Damage blood capillaries, before & after operation. It also can strengthened blood capillaries (rigidity and flexibility) and reduce the dark circle around our eyes. 
Vitamin K1 extracted from the green leaves of plants, which play the role of blood clotting, reduce the blood vessel walls rupture and cause dark circles or bruising of the skin, purpura, rosacea. It can also help to repair damaged blood vessel proliferation, enhanced toughness and elasticity of blood vessel walls, reducing their chances of rupture.

MeO Vitamin K1 Topical Serum uses ATeDS patented technology provide the product excellent penetration into skin to achieve desirable result.

Product Attributes :

  • Use ATeDS patented technology for greater penetration into our skin.
  • Help to heal damaged blood capillaries, strengthen the rigidity and flexibility.
  • No preservative added, yet, able to sustain long duration of storage.
  • Able to minimize broken veins and capillaries to reduce our eyes dark circles, and skin bruising effect.

Vitamin K1 is preferably use during night time because of it's slight oily texture so that the overnight process will helps on reducing wrinkles around eyes and also fine lines. It can also be use on the whole face while mix with hydrogel or mainly only around eye area.

So before you start using it, you have to switch the original bottle cap into the little pump cap that comes together in the packaging in order to pump up the serum.

Only one pump will do. The texture might be quite oily when it first apply, but don't worry the absorption is pretty fine. Anyway it is also prefer to use at night, if it's for daily usage will be too oily.

So for our eyes, i will usually dap a pump on my hand before apply it. After that just gently tap around my eye area, and massage circular around there for around 1 minute will do. Just as easy as ABC on how to maintain a pair of beautiful eyes.

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