Santa Blogger 2013

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle All the way!! Last year Christmas was by far the most happening Christmas i ever had, attended plenty of parties and celebrations, but nothing could be more fun with all my Santa bloggers babe and Jingle WOW Booth.

We had our mini gathering at BubbaGump, Sunway Pyramid. Thanks to blogger Melissa for organizing such successful event. From food wise, goodies, photo booth to exchange presents session. Everything was amazing, of course we had great time together too. Nothing to be surprise that our christmas gathering was held in the afternoon, bloggers sekalian were busy with their progs and etc, so one fine afternoon is just good to gather everyone. I enjoyed how we got our private session in the private room located in BubbaGump. you know la 三个女人一个墟 (every three women gathered together will form a market) and now we have 10 female bloggers, which means there were 3 markets in a room now. Can you imagine how 'havoc' it could be? Hehehehe.

Hello to the super organizer Melissa!

Table setting nicely done by Bubba Gump

YES LA WOW PHOTOBOOTH FOR US!!!!! *screammmmmm*

Are you ready for Santa Blogger 2013?

Pretty props from #WowBooth

Us bloggers got our pre christmas presents from Vanity Trove too. Not to mention Vanity Trove allows us to customize our own beauty box! Thank you for their amazing skincare and products.

My favorite MACAROOOOOONS from Twenty First Qi Pastries
 (email :

Gift exchange sessions
Part that i failed participate! BISHHHH!

Well, let's cut off my crap and enjoy the zillion pictures we took that day. (Photo credit to blogger sekalian, as yours truly was so lazy to snap around since there were 9 other professional bloggers doing their part.)

Yours truly with her lamb chop

Organizer the great ; Melissa

My strong babe ; Chanel

Forever Cutie pie ; Jessica

Hot wife ; Careen

Part time counselor ; Lumi

The red santa gang! Paparazzi-ed by err idk which blogger. Hahahahha

Chit chatting

Bloggers doing what's the best they could - SELFIEEEEEE!

Group shot with bloggers sekalian ;
Daphne, Lumi, Careen, Chanwon, Jesscia, Kitti, Chenelle, Melissa & Stephanie

Last last last, don't say i never share good stuff with my readers.

#1 Vanity Trove
Vanity Trove is giving free voucher to be redeem at discounted rate, simply key in the code 'SantaB15' whenever you sign up to Vanity Trove Beauty Box. 

#2 WowPhotoBooth

They re giving out ONE lucky reader an e-vouchers that worth RM 500. How to win them, follow instruction as below :
1.) Snap the most humorous funny picture of yourself or anything funny 
2.) Post it on instagram 
3.) Hashtag #wowsome and hashtag #santalumi  
4.) Make sure your profile setting is PUBLIC so I can view it!! ^^
Winner will be selected before Chinese New Year 2014 ( 18th January 2014 ). For more information, check out their Website & Facebook.

Till then, ending my first christmas post with my Red QUEEN Santa Outfit. 

More christmas posts coming, stay tuned. xx

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