Review & Resolution 2013/14

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Hello Earthlings, Happy New Year 2014! Pardon my belated wishes for the year as i was extremely busy right after i came back from Singapore, full of Christmas celebrations, parties, outings and etc. Most importantly helping my sister on her wedding preparation. 

Happy Moi taken happily as a bridesmaid on happy 1st of January. *ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚

Frankly speaking, December was by far the most happening month for my 2013. Let alone the exhausted part, i was really happy and thankful that life could be so much better and HAPPENING with no restrictions ever to me now! Kick off my first blogpost in 2014 with my review and resolution. *Get some snack ready with you for my wordy post*

Review of 2013

Let me begin with my first achievement in studies, completed my Diploma in Interior Design at Raffles College Higher Education earlier March this year. Not to say study is a hard task for me, but manage to complete it without failing has consider Thumbs up when you have to finish a 3 years diploma course that compress into 2 years. Dealing with the limited time given and over loading work are not that easy after all. Many thanks to my course mates and lecturers for helping us out. I seriously don't think i'm able to finish without their help. Of course, throughout these two years, i met a lot of nice people my course mates to my best friend. We still hang out, chill and hang out together even we have depart into separate ways after our studies.

What's next after my studies? Most probably, working? I have done my internship for two months and also working on a proper Interior Job for two months after but i quit somehow late November. All it matters to me is working environment.

Family always play the most important role in my life. I love my family, i love every single of them, especially Daddy Teng. He's sixty this year, 好命的都做可以享子孙福了(Means if he's lucky enough he could have been stop working and enjoy life with his grandchildren around) But he's still working very hard for us, looking after his business in shop back in Penang. My family will not complete without my hero. Although there may some rupture in our family, but i'm glad we can overcome it. All my siblings are doing pretty good, good in shape, good in hands. Haha. Especially brother, he's being the sweetest brother on earth, accompany by my dad's side all the time. Simply felt so gratified with his sensible thought at his young age. Sometimes i seriously think that he's like my older brother than younger one. Lol

Welcoming the new family member, my new brother-in-law. My third sister just got married on the first day of 2014. I'm so happy for her, really happy that she could find the one in life. Also i came to realize, in life it's not about who you meet the longest, in fact it goes the other way round where who is the one that you meet and could be with you the longest. I always have a question in mind, being into a relationship for certain period is like a trial for pre marriage. Sister just told me, if you think he's the one, you need no all the trial to complete your marriage, it will eventually come to you which i find it pretty true. Why do you need trial period if the love is not right?.

Bestfriends. 2013 was by far the less communicating year for me and my darlings. I could hardly see my them as all of us were separated in different world, different timezone. Glad that our heart still connect at once since day 1. Many years friendship still counting. Not much elaboration for this section. Haha

Besides that, blogging! Yes blogging, not to say i'm a full time blogger, i will always address myself as a part time or maybe a social blogger. I blog when i feel like to, i do it occasionally(Still trying to pick up the habit to blog once or twice every week) Thanks to Nuffnang, they made my blogging life much more lively from meeting new bloggers, advertisers, crews in events, or maybe some we never even met once. But a click like this just sparkles and sooner we became friends. Not to mention all the generous sponsors and ads given to me, indirectly helped me on earning extra income when i wasn't study or working at the meantime. Well money where i afford to go travel from time to time and buy luxury goods as a pamper for myself. Of course, my greatest blog readers and followers, Not to say i'm someone someone, but without all your support, i would not be who i am today. Just a little like or a simple comment on my Instagram or Facebook that could really made my day. I'm glad to have you guys with me. It's not about the number that increase, it's the hardship and initiative that gets along with me. You guys are like a little secret angel surrounding me. I truly appreciate all little this and that.

Travelling. Been to a few places in 2013, not to say a lot, still manage to cope from time to time every few months. From sponsored cruise trip to krabi and phuket(Thanks to Nuffnang again! :P), Hongkong birthday trip, spontaneous Bangkok trip, siblings reunited Australia trip to Zoukout Singapore trip. Meeting new people and learned a lot while traveling. Good way to experience life and different culture.

Err, something i don't usually share, my relationship status. I find it very personal to share with my relationship. I finally called off my 2 years half relationship when our love has faded and we came to realize we see things differently in life and pursue it in separate path. I will not say what happened between us as i don't like to share unhappiness towards the world. seeking for sympathy and etc. All i could conclude is, things changed as people grow.

However, i have to be thankful for his love and lessons he taught me for the past two years. He was once a very sweet guy, he taught me a lot in life, I was once very impervious and demanding girlfriend before i met my him. He changed me a lot, he changed me to a better person at least to a better personality that has higher tolerance towards what happened around me, like dealing with people and unnecessary temper, i could literally chill and walk away and will not affect a single bit about me anymore. I don't see a point on getting mad over little things that doesn't matter much to me. Why not let them be? Of course i still have emotions in me, that's the happy and positive part i have been trying to generate around most of the time. This is why you can hardly see me getting emo over stuff and etc. Once in a blue moon maybe? Haha

I learned a lot in my past relationship, two years plus for a relationship ain't long nor short. It was my first relationship ever since i moved to KL. He was the only one that stood by my side no matter what happened when my family wasn't not around me. In order to be with him, i was once a lost child, i lost myself in life just to be with whoever he wants me to be! I was implied by the thought when i love him, i have to change myself to someone when is totally not me at all! I stopped hanging out with friends that he's not comfortable with, stop party with friends i used to back then, i stopped doing things i liked, i stopped many many others just because he wasn't happy with it sooner and later it lead to lies, lies over lies from both sides, me and him. At the peak, i thought i could do this forever because i love him, i don't want to lost him, i tolerate, i take it and keep it to myself. Sooner as i realize, doing this is not making me happy. I was so tired pleasing someone after a period of time. Our love has faded after we celebrated our second year anniversary, i stopped trying and i just stayed at where it was at the moment. But i was reluctant to accept the fact that we could not be together anymore, it still meant a lot to me even our love has gone but the memories that has build over the days. Letting go may sound easy but when it comes to you, it ain't something like empty the recycle bin with just a click.

Still i manage to let go after a couple of months of consideration. I know it will still be fine and life still goes on if our relationship still keep going, many more monthsaries coming. But i just couldn't careless. A relationship like this ain't healthy after all. We got so tired of arguing at one point and barely see each other when we both were living at the same piece of land. What stroke my mind was after i start working, i want to get my own life and stop behaving demanding over things and Him. I was once very fairy tale dreamy thinking and happy housewife minded, finish studies then get married at young age, give birth early and be a PHM(Pretty Hot Mum) Michael Jackson came up with PYT(Pretty Young Thing), and mine was PHM! Hahahaha. Well, but i changed my mindset, not to say i don't want to get married at young age. I just want to have my world, my own friends and career in life before i have my family, or maybe when i already have my family. Someone like him will never allow. Typical Virgo, self centered shit! Letting go someone like him is like open up a new chapter in life. I start to love myself more and focus on what i love to do and of course without any restrictions i live my life so much freely. I enjoy every single bit of my single life now.

The right relationship feels easy.
Be who you truly are, the one who truly loves you will love whoever you are.
Live life with no regrets.

Resolution for 2014

2014 is a fresh start for me and for everyone for sure. I'm thinking of pursue my degree in Interior Design but at the meantime i will look for a full time job in interior design field first. Well if i find no interest in it, i will consider on trying working in new field, a better exposure as well. 活到老学到老, learning new stuff at any age.

I will still work hard on my blogging dreams! (Yes i said that every time, every year! *finger crossed*) Please don't give up on me ok?! *puppy eyes looking* Planning to do a blog revamp soon, kinda sick of my current blog layout. Any idea and good web designers out there? Please do not hesitate to share with me. :)

Earn more more more money and achieve goals in life. I ain't teens no more! Sorry i got no rich parents to spoil me and give me allowance every month without doing shit. I have to work hard for my own expenses. Of course parents still pay for rentals! Haha! More money for me to travel to places that i haven't been? Other state in China? Pay Korea and Taiwan a revisit? Backpack travel along South East Asia? Europe if i'm going abroad to study and etc.

Time management. Do what it has to be done today need no Procastination! I have this super bad habit of wait wait wait!! I shall stop procrastinate now! lol & spend quality time with quality people. Stop fooling around. Hahahaha!

Meeting the right one. I'm not in hurry to jump into a new relationship, just in time when i'm ready to meet someone that is perfect for me. (Perfect may sounds like a strong words) just someone that can simply read my mind even before I could tell what's next. *waiting patiently* Enjoy single life at the meantime. Haha

Live Healthy Lifestyle. Will try to practice a better and healthier lifestyle, go for more exercise. And start to handle stress in proper way. Been struggling from teeth grinding since mid of December(a sign of stress according to doctor. Wtf?!) Any solution?. Cut down heavy make up, only applies them occasionally. Allow my skin to breathe more fresh air and develop better complexion even with zero make up (Of course sunblock is needed during day time. haha)

Appreciate life. Live in the present, don't look back to the past. Do what matters to you now! 

Looking forward to more challenges in life, achieving new goals.

Till then, that's all for now. Have a great year ahead, let's build our dream today not tomorrow. Follow me on to catch more daily updates.

Love, Povy 


  1. You are very wise, strong and brave for your age. You just inspired me to think long and hard about this "relationship" I am having.

  2. good luck and all the best in 2014! hope you could achieve what you've plan for! =D

  3. @Melissa Lim : We have to be strong! Just be positive, i'm sure you can over come the situation you're facing now! Good Luck!

  4. @Henry Tan : Thank you so much! Happy New Year to you too! :)

  5. Thanks for the thoughtful mind. Keep re-reading it when I'm lost again and again. (You know love well make you drunk at points) and your share will wake me up again. My new year resolution : simply like your very personal quote! Thanks and keep your great work out! Like your positivity. Cheeerrrr~~~

  6. @Ally Low :Thank you dear, i never thought a simple post like mine can be such inspiration to you, i'm impressed too. Haha.

    Well just be true to yourself, for those who matters. Don't forget to love yourself more. We deserve the best!