Christmas Candilicious Treat by sloggi

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hello Candilicious, it's December the great festive month. What's better when Christmas is around this year, sloggi is bringing you a Candyland Christmas collection. If you have a sweet tooth, you are in for a sugary treat this Christmas. Be immersed in sloggi Candyland, full of sugar, spice and everything nice! Beware, it is so yummy, you may get sugar overdosed.

But wait don't you think does  'Sugar, Spice and everything nice?' sounds pretty familiar? Is that something to do with Powerpuff Girls?

Nayyyyy, sloggi aims to bring out the Candiliciously Fashionable of inner wear for Christmas. It begins with picking a candy tone for your skin. Thanks to the fabric expert, sloggi collections are so comfortable they can be addictive and keep you wanting more. Like all the yummy candies in the world that come in pretty wrappers, sloggi fashion collections comes 
in exciting prints or fun block colours to lift your Christmas spirits!

So have you design which one are you now? For me i would love to be Sugar, the sweet candilicious with pink design on. Many thanks to sloggi, i got my Christmas presents in advance with two set of Christmas Bra.

My fancy Christmas Bra from sloggi! <3

I love how Cotton Candy design feels. Light and airy like cotton candy, be on cloud nine whenever you wear the Everyday range! Indulge in the softness of Everyday range which is made of organic cotton, allowing you to stay comfortable for all 12 days of Christmas. Cultivated without any chemicals, the cotton fabric is suitable for even sensitive skin. Since it's Christmas month and a candilicious theme, multi pattern design in pink matches with my full pink attire to create my sugar outfit.

As for me simple outfit matches with the most comfortable inner wear Bubblegum Invisibles. Delicious to see and super comfortable to wear! Go seamless and feel invisible with sloggi ZERO’s Advance Bonding Technology that uses heat to bond rather than sewing to create ultra-flat edges. A micro-brush effect on the soft and light fabric then provides a satin smooth feel that’s oh-so comfortable! Choose all 4 colors for a multi-flavored Bubblegum Invisibles pack.

sloggi bra is not only perfect in design, it also comes in slim Active that highly stretchable and breathable range made of Innovative Nurel with active ingredients to tone your skin during exercising. The special fabric provides the perfect moisture management, keeping you fresh even if you had to chase after Santa the whole night! Available in black, just like everyone’s favorite black Licorice sweet, minus the stickiness of course. Just nice for girls to hit the gym while wearing it before we go for our Christmas party.

Last but not least, sloggi is having a Christmas treat for all my readers. You will stand a chance to win RM200 worth sloggi vouchers this holiday season. All you need to do is just submit  a creative photo that expresses the theme #sloggisugar or #sloggispice – be it a sweet home-baked cupcake or your spiciest makeup look, get your creativity flowing! Instruction as below:
  • Step 1: Follow us on Instagram @sloggimalaysia
  • Step 2: Select team: #sloggisugar or sloggispice
  • Step 3: Post your #sloggisugar or #sloggispice photos on Instagram (make sure the post is not private) 
  • Step 4: Post as many entries as possible and tag 2 friends to increase your chance of winning
  • Step 5: Tag @sloggimalaysia and #sloggisugar or #sloggispice
Dos and Don’ts :
DO spread the word about sloggi Sugar vs Spice Contest.
DO share your photos on Facebook and Instagram and encourage others to like your creative photo.
DO Include a fun caption.
DO tag @sloggisg #sloggisugar or #sloggispice on Instagram.
DON’T cause us to have to filter your submission. Please keep your photos PG-13 :P
DON’T violate the rights of others (example: copyright or right of publicity).
DO check sloggi’s Facebook page and Instagram on 13th December to see if you’re selected!

So are you #sloggisugar or #sloggispice? Let’s get started with your style. Well do check on sloggi’s Facebook page and Instagram on 13th December to see if you’re selected! Photos will be judged by sloggi management. Shortlisted entries and winners will walk away with loads of fab sloggi prizes. What’s more, fans who like the pictures will win something too! Hurry, contest ends 13 Decemeber 2013!

So here's my contest photo for #sloggisugar. Ladies, come and share your photo to enter sloggi contest and win yourself the amazing gift from sloggi!

Till then, may you guys have a merry christmas with sloggi candilicious treat. xx

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