Visual Diary : Winter in Melbourne #1

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just a visual post about my first few days in Melbourne before we off to Sydney(you may check out my Sydney post here).

Day 1
Sister stays in South Melbourne, so she brought us to walk around the city before our dinner. 

Hello Sister Jo <3

Max Brenner a must go in Australia! Super smooth chocolate, extra warm after having it during winter. Met up with HPY Chee Huai.

Hau Peng You Chee Huai

Visited RMIT City Campus where sister uni located.

Had dinner at JooMak. They served super nice Strawberry Soju. After dinner followed up with Singk session with the party bunch, glad to meet DJ Michelle from Taiwan. It was also her play visit in Seven Night Club. 

Us, The TENG's Joanne & Pohfern with DJ Michelle from Taiwan

Lisa, Charmaine & Mervyn

Day 2 
Visit to Mount Dandenong. Had Some super big pie instead of the famous scone from Miss Marple. We were late after our lunch yet those shop closed particularly at 5. Checked out some gift shops that sells pretty much antique along Mount Dandenong.

Papoyyyyyy! (Unicorn in Minion language! LOL)

Day 3
Met up with some friends from Penang. Had our lunch at Wat Da Pho. Fell in love with Vietnamese food now, especially the mihun roll. Malaysia Y U NO HAVE MORE?

Took a short walk to South Melbourne Market for some fresh seafood hunt. Sister also shopped for some grocery for our home cooked dinner.

Katherine and Sze

Master Chef Teng preparing our dinner

home cooked Shrimp Linguine Marinara

 After dinner, we got ourselves ready for our Hello Kitty and Friends Theme Party on OMG Friday at Seven Night Club. 

Our fabulous ride to the club! LOL

Meikee, Sze, Katherine, Sis Joanne & yours truly

*ALERT* Party Pictures spam!

with Rilakkuma friend!!! SCREAMMMM

with HELLO KITTY FRIEND!! SCREAAAMMMMM x697497473207401 times


Sister's boyf Mervyn also the Organizer of  OMG Friday.
If any of you want to party in Melbourne go look for him! Hahahaha

wearing dress from @cajoyness

My favorite picture of the night ; everyone has SUPER LONG LEGS!!!

Us & Jessie <3

Till then, ending this post with a groupie. x

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