Giveaway : MACTTALIC series -CLOSED-

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Finding a right pair of contact lenses for daily activities is one of the most important factor before heading out. I have suffered from conjunctivitis back in Australia, i have no idea how it hurt me but it got me countless nightmare. Ever since that i have became more conscious on my eyes from choosing contact lenses to solution and etc.

I used to buy those random contact lenses from online store. They are cheap and can last longer duration compare to those in optical shop. However, after wearing them for quite sometimes, i wasn't really comfortable for god knows why

Recently i came across Imagene Lens from Focus Point Optical shop. Imagene Lens is now introducing ADORE™ MACTTALIC, the Sweet. Stylish. Sexy. The effect of wearing it will speak a whole lot about who you are.

The MACTTALIC cosmetic and beauty contact lens series – uniquely designed to breathe new excitement into your style and make you stand out. With a choice of 5 vibrant colours that effortlessly give you bigger eyes, it’s easy to let your eyes do the talking. 

· Available in 5 colors ; Light Green, Grey, Hazel, Light Blue & Amethyst
· 14.5mm diameter / 8.6mm base curve
·  55% water content for all day comfort
·  Protects against harmful ultraviolet rays
·  Clear, unobstructed vision
·  Comes with a style & elegance protective case

Tried on two out of five colors Adore MACTTALIC lens.



ADORE™MACTTALIC Lens in Amethyst 

Last but not least, it's also the best part, there will be a giveaway to all my readers. Two boxes of latest ADORE™MACTTALIC contact lenses. All you need to do as below :

  1. LIKE Macttalic on Facebook Page.
  2. Comment on my blogpost to the question: "Why do you want a pair of MACTTALIC contact lens?" kindly include your name and email address.
  3. Winners will be announced and contacted by Imagene by 31st of DEC 2013.


Faster comment and get your favorite pair now! xx


  1. I want a pair of MACTTALIC contact lens because i want to wear it during Chinese New Year and give a fresh look for my friends and family

    Kien Mei

  2. i love to wear lens, especially macttalic lens! wow! And now, it got a free away!! how can i give up on this chance??! actually it felt comfort and its color so unique! my eyes become brightly. overall, it can be concluded as i love macttalic lens! so, give me a chance :)

  3. I want a pair of MACTTALIC contact lens because I am getting sick of those cheap one selling hurts my eyes sooooo much....You rock the lenses so well and I wish I can also create some unusual look using these lenses that i normally won't dare to try..Last but not least If I WOULD GIVEN the chance to have this gift..I will definitely try on them very 1st hand and blog about it too! =)

    Vsa Jean

  4. I want a pair of macttalic contact lens because i used to have problems wearing color contact lens as most of their diameter are so big and they don't look so natural on me. I believe macttalic contact lens would create a natural yet bright looking of my eye so i wish to get them for coming christmas party!

    Karen Leong

  5. i'd absolutely love to win a pair of MACTTALIC lenses as i am a hardcore lover of coloured lenses and would relish every opportunity to be the first to try (and fall in love with) a new brand!

  6. I want these Macttalic contacts because I am an all time contact lens user! I have always been looking for a perfect pair of grey colour contact lens which are comfy and gives vivid colour! I have tried on a few, it's either not so visible or the diameter doesn't suit me. I am in need of a makeover now! I want to look fresh and confident upon graduating! I need this pair of contact lens to be my savior! I just want to prove to everyone that a little bit of enhance with contact lens will make a huge difference! And of course beauty doesn't have to compromise for comfort!

    Jessica Tan

  7. I want a pair of Macttalic contact lens because I have the same problems as you, Povy. I bought those lenses online which cause my eyes to be red after I wore it few times. I hope to have a try of these lenses to.make sure whether my eyes are comfortable with it.

    Jolyne Lau

  8. I'm wore contact lenses in total of 7 years time, I had been tried most of the brand selling in the market. I would like to try this brand new contact lens- Macttalic which I haven't give it a try before. The packaging is so sweet and lovely! Hope got a chance for me.

    Ginny Kek

  9. I want a pair of MACTTALIC contact lens because I want to try out my first colour contacts! :D
    I'm getting bored with the transparent one. Perhaps this time I might have a chance to get a pair of colour contact, make my eyes more blink and larger :)
    Ofcz, Xmas present too...Thank you!

    Name: LIM JIA CHYI

  10. I want a pair of Mactallic contact lenses because i'm so sick of the color lenses out there!! (makes me look a ah lien, who 'cannot make it') (And of course i'm broke and cheapskate :P ) Its freeee, why not give it a try??? I don't wanna hurt my eyes anymore :(

    Name: Peizhen Yap

  11. I want a pair of MACTTALIC Contact lens is because is can try out color contact lens as I always wear normal contact lens. I believe that when trying out color contact lens, it can make my eyes more brighter and bigger and it can indirectly boost up my confidence level. Therefore, i hope that i can have the chance to win this pair of contact lens and try it out so that it can bring a different side of me. Thanks

    Name: Amily May