Thursday, October 24, 2013

Everyone loves shopping, but when it comes to online shopping, i'm sure everyone like me will fall in love with MYSALE. An online leading e-trailer that just two years old but loved by 750,000 Malaysians.

Well, a big question what's MYSALE?
MYSALE is part of the largest shopping club in Australasia, APACSALE Group, the first to create an innovative online shopping destination in six countries where they sell the biggest brands for the best prices to their private membership database. MYSALE which operates an online clearance channel for the biggest global brands, across four different continents.
MYSALE has created an innovative online shopping destination in six countries where they sell the biggest brands for the best prices to their members. Since its launch, MYSALE has worked with over 1000 brand partners across 8 categories; Ladieswear, Childrenswear, Menswear, Homeware, Toys, Health & Beauty, Footwear and Accessories offering up to 100,000 different styles online at any one time. All came in authentic products, APACSALE doesn’t sell imitation items.

Boasting a database of 9million members and growing at a rate of over 200,000 a month, the APACSALE Group also operate flash sale websites in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, and the Philippines and in addition will open in Korea ,Hong Kong and the UK in the next two months. With the huge existing market all over the world, MYSALE ship over 15,000 orders per day globally. You don't have to worry about your item purchased will be kept due to pending international shipping.

Wait but how does MYSALE works?

 MYSALE is a private shopping club that offer exclusive deals only to its members. These deals have savings of up to 80%.They are able to offer discounted merchandise by:
• Partnering with retailers and manufacturers
• Buying directly from retailers at wholesale prices
Many retailers and manufacturers welcome the idea because it gives them the chance to:
• Unload excess inventory or unsold items
• Take advantage of the existing members base on MYSALE
• Promote their brand name in new markets locally and internationally

Checking out one of my favorite section now, CLEARANCE!! Beauty Sale Clearance now!? I need to calm down as imma big fan of beauty product!

Sounds cool right? Just sign up to be a member to enjoy MYSALE's super deal. Don't worry membership is free and you get to receive regular alerts once you signed up. Not forgetting, you can easily get MYSALE apps downloaded on your smart phone. Resulting that over one million apps on both IOS and Android have been downloaded and 50% of their sales came from there. Smart phone users are getting more and super convenient for all of us! 

Simply enjoy the fun of online shopping when selection on items are so clear on the websitemakes shopping super easy even the delivery send right to your doorstep! Time to start eyeing for Christmas present now, it's better to prepare early than late right?

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