New TR New Beauty ; EX-TR15 | Skin Brightening Mode *NEW*

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Camera is one of the coolest invention on earth, also one of most popular gadgets every girl desires to have one. Unexceptionally I'm like ordinary girls who will fall into the trap for it. Not to mention the few camera i already had with me, however there's never enough! How silly i am, but we all knew it's so hard to get rid when pretty picture turned out to be. I'm sure not only girls, even guy will be amazed. Just a random selfie you shoot could make your skin super flawless and perfect in every way! Nobody can resist it, i assure! So this is the Magic Camera, Casio TR Series. 

Last few months, Casio has finally launched The New TR Series Camera after their 3 previous generation(TR100, TR150, TR200). NEW TR NEW BEAUTY is their new moto for this pretty EX-TR15.

Thank you Casio Team & Marco Heritage for the invite on EX-TR Series Media Launch. A group picture with fellow bloggers and Miss Fui Fui from Marco Heritage.

Casio EX-TR15 comes into 3 colors this time, Vivid Pink, White and Black

My favorite one goes to PINK! ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

Many new features have added into EX-TR15, make EX-TR15 the best among all the EX-TR Series. Today i would love share with you guys about one of the new feature. I'm sure most of you already knew about the beautiful Make-up Mode in my previous Casio JE10 Camera (Here).

A special feature on face recognition uses simple technical tricks to smooth skin, enhance cheekbones and illuminate eyes. With Casio advance technology, it has the effect up to 12 levels selection for much more advance camera, apart from JE10 which had only 2 levels of Make-up Mode. The latest Make-up Mode also automatic focus and exposure adjustment. Make-up Mode Ensures Every Face Looks Great.

When the camera detects a person’s face, the Make-up Mode is activated automatically to give the skin a lighter tone and smoother texture. Select the desired make-up effect among 12 levels while conducting on-screen checking. A newly added Brightening Mode further enhances your ability to shoot beautiful photos that achieve exactly the make-up effect you’re looking for.

Once again, thank you Casio and Marco Heritage for giving me the chance to owe this magic camera which i have been craving for quite sometimes! Now i can have super Dreamy picture now! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ 

My new Magic Camera EX-TR15 matching with the TR15 USB Thumb drive i got from the Media launch.

So here's my little demonstration for Make-Up Mode. Left in Level 0 x Right in Level 9
(I don't usually go for Level 12, cause it might look super blurry in a way, Level 9 is just nice for me.)

Natural Mode
Shooting in this mode gives skin a lighter tone and smoother texture, imparting a healthy, vibrant look.

- wearing top Love Hate Crop Tee from ChicValley -

Brightening Mode
Use this mode to brighten and smooth the skin further.

In conclusion, i personally prefer Brightening mode as i'm not as fair, i would go for the feature that makes me look extra fair and pretty! Who doesn't want to be snow white? Hehehe Don't worry i will blog more about EX-TR15 new features apart from the old interface and features. Stay tuned

At the mean time to find out more about EX-TR15, you may check out tutorial video below:

For those who are interested with EX-TR15, do visit and like Casio Exilim Malaysia's Facebook Page and Twitter to find out more on their latest Casio cameras. Please be noted that the recommended selling price (RSP) of CASIO Ex-TR15 has now adjusted to RM2799.

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