Beauty Diary : [Review] Snowy White Skincare with Aiberia

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

People often think that Winter usually gets very cold and not reachable to sunlight as compare to summer. But it's wrong, UV ray and sunlight still very strong during Winter. Thanks to Aiberia that i brought over from Malaysia, i found my savior here. 

These series of Aiberia product i chose is Job's Tear of the North (之薏仁) Living Smooth & Deeply White, a whitening series. It contains of three major ingredients which are Sodium Hyaluronate (玻尿酸), Tranexamic Acid (博明酸), and Job's Tear of the North (北之薏仁). Combination of three main ingredients create the effects of whitening and hydrating at the same time. If you ever afraid of trying new skin care just like me?! Don't worry, Aiberia is suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skin.

Let's begin with the cleanser, it contains of Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate (氨基酸介面活性剂) which able to lower the stimulation or zero stimulate to the skin and provide gentle and mild cleansing to the skin. Cleanser selling at RM39.

There's a net provided following with the cleanser. All you need is just squeeze small amount of cleanser onto it then rub the net to create fine foams. Those fine foam helps to do deep pore cleansing.

Apart from that, I can't feel the dryness and tightness on my skin after face wash and that's what I love the most! Just easy like this within 1 minute and it's done.

Next, will be toner after you cleanse your face. Toner selling at RM60Poured few drops of toner into your clean hand and pat it over your face.  

After toner, it's serum before moisturizer. I love the serum as it really works so well on my dry skin and I can really feel my face is brighter. Highly recommended to those with dull skin or uneven skin tone. Serum selling at RM130, Lotion selling at RM66.

See everything seems to be so perfect on me. I love it after using for few weeks.

Not to mention famous Taiwan TV show 女人我最大 also recommended Aiberia products here, 
Do check out their product here 

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  1. Having been to Australia myself I can testify to that. Don't forget UV protection even when it's cold!

  2. 感觉不错哦!