21st Birthday Dinner #2 | Oink Oink Dins, Elcerdo

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Second birthday post.. err after 4 months? Don't care 21st is the greatest! I will post whenever i want too! Haha.

My classmates from Raffles were so sweet to bring me out for a belated birthday dinner on my birthday weekend. We planned to go to Elcerdo in Changkat. Elcerdo is a Spanish restaurant along Changkat with their specializes in home-cooked pork flavors. Mmmm Pork has always been my favorite choice of meat since i couldn't the best meat after beef. Even the restaurant name 'El Cerdo' is name after 'the pig'. in Spanish. Definitely a mouth wash of all the piggy dish.

New faces for my blog now feat. Michele, Lyn, Sofia, Onz, Ken, Terry & Carlson. They are all my best Raffles mates. So sad that now we have to leave each other for our own path.

Pig Out           

Spanish Ham Platter 

Pork Sausages & mash

Pork Ribs

Well, highlight of the night began with the signature dish - suckling piglet. There was these Spanish tradition in El Cerdo following by this particular dish before you eat on the suckling piglet. It seems like a little ceremony to chop the delicious piggy.

First you have to knock hard on the wooden board for 3 times before cutting it with the plate. Follow by cutting its head, body and tail as it means after chopping 3 times. So as for birthday girl, after i cut on the piglet with a plate then i got to pray for my wish and break it after in a small tub. Just when i pray for my wishes, he asked if i would go for money or love. And guess what? I chose Money over love. My classmates thought i would have go for love instead, but oh well i have got so much love from people around me. Money is what i see the most now, money money come to mama! Hahahaha

Explained by the friendly waiter

Me and Michie sharing for the cut for my little piglet

Break a plate, pray for MONEY MONEY MONEY! 

I would say a very well marinated delicious crispy skin of the suckling piglet, followed by a thin layer of fat and some meat as well. Mmmmm Best! 

Last before we called it a day, they got me my cake specially in PINK! surrounded by few shots and a little piggy as a gift from El Cerdo. My classmates know i have a thing on noming pork, so here's my piggy birthday! How sweet! Hahahaha!

Make a wish! yes for Money again! Kidding! Pray for a better year 2013!

With my Raffles Girls

& Raffles Guys

Kissy from them <3

Cheers for my 21st! Bar hopping next! 

With my favorite balloons! Something will never miss for my big day! 

Thank you my Raffles mates for my unforgettable 21st birthday. 

P/s: Birthday girl did not get drunk on her 21st! <3

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  1. Wah u get to break a plate! Nice! The sausages look damn good! Anyway, happy belated bday povy! :D