Fashion Dairy : Bandage Dress from Bag Charm Love

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I have been collecting a few bandage dress lately, but it was so hard to get them in Malaysia, the moment when i saw them, i immediately bought them and add into my collection.

Well, since it's so hard to get in Malaysia why not buying online from Singapore? Bag Charm Love is a Singapore based blogshop that ships internationally. I'm in love with Bag Charm Love because they believe the same thing as i do, All ladies deserve to be stylish and pretty! 
We are inspired to provide customers with a holistic online shopping experience with our own in house Runway inspired Mix and Match Combos suitable for all occasions at pocket friendly pricing! We are also committed to bring in stylish and unique runway inspired handbags,accessories and apparels to glam up your wardrobe! 

I'm wearing this Tube Bandage Herve Leger inspired Dress. Lovin it's green and silver lining along the dress. It perfectly shows my body figure. Also first time trying new color, always not a big fan of Green. Although it doesn't reflects much green on the dress, that was what i concerned the most too! Thank god with the tiny bit of green and silver lining didn't turned me into veggie. Just kidding. 

I love how Bag Charm Love serves superb quality and very affordable pricing compared to retailers whether in Malaysia or Singapore. Apart from bandage dress we also bring in affordable office wear and chic looking handbags. The best part of all, it has an online chat window where you could ask about anything and everything. For eg, people like me which is super tension with all the sizes. You know it would be pretty ugly if a dress that comes into wrong size, just like stealing someone's clothes. Hell No!

Faster check out their store for your favorite bandage dress now.

Some of their hot selling dresses.

Bag Charm Love provides international shipping, ship to Malaysia for as long as SG 2 ! They are launching our new Herve Leger Inspired Collection this coming Tuesday 16th July at 4pm. And for my dear fashionista readers they can 10% off if they quote Povy10  (Expiry date : 31 July 2013

Happy shopping, and not forgetting like them on facebook too at xx


  1. Omg now I know what miss A is wearing on stage! Until you wrote this post I never now they're called bandage dresses

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