21st Birthday Trip in HK'13 | Sevva x Marie Antoinette's Crave

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What's up Penang? It feels so homey to come back my little island. Although it's gonna be a quick one, not planning to stay long this trip back, but home is always the best. To begin my awesome day in Penang, i shall start it with my birthday post, something that makes me happy even just by browsing through the pictures.

Second birthday post this year. As i mentioned earlier, it was my first time spending my birthday overseas, in Hongkong. (You may check out my first Hongkong post here). I used to spend every single birthday with my Wingeez darlings, but sadly they weren't here this year. So why not go to somewhere else with loved ones? I feel like a big girl now, get to celebrate my birthday somewhere else. hehe.

On the fourth day of my trip, also 2nd of April was my actual birthday(Readers better bare in mind and wish me annually! hehe). So i got to decide where to go and what to do on this very day. (Le boyf insisted to take the go in charge of the other 4 days. I shall listen to him then, Good wife/Girlfriend material mah! hahaha) Ok la, he's not that bad afterall, le boyf brought me to Disneyland on the third day too. (will blog about it soon) See Birthday is the best, and when birthday comes with 21st, it's even greater! And GREATEST! *flip hair*

Well how could a birthday missing a cake? Yes Never! It's gonna be so sad to me! I initially planned to go this place before my trip, I randomly came across Sevva in a hongkong magazine. Sevva l
ocated at the top of LANDMARK PRINCE’S, Sevva enjoys stunning 360 degree views over Hong Kong’s breath-taking skyline. More than just a stylish restaurant, Sevva is the place for gourmet dining, wooing clients or relaxing with friends. Its penthouse location with wrap-around terrace is perfect for enjoying the stunning views of Hong Kong. Sevva encourages guests to move between its various rooms; Harbour side, Bankside, Taste Bar and the Terrace. There is also the not to be missed Ms B’s Sweets (Cake Corner). Sevva oozes warmth, soul and energy and is timeless in décor, blending East with West, masculine with feminine, everyday versus ceremonial and casual versus formal. Sevva is place just nice for people who get tired of shopping or want to go for a break after work, simply hopped off to Sevva with the stunning view of Hongkong.

The menu at SEVVA is inspired by the cultural diversity of Hong Kong itself: Authentic tastes typical of those created in everyday Chinese regional kitchens adding to the myriad of influences from the colonial days. We present vibrant dishes that speak of the city's love of the classic food styles of Europe and other Asian cities. 
The concept and philosophy of SEVVA is the interpretation of a refined upbringing and years of great exposure to the many travels and memories of Bonnae Gokson, Founder & mastermind of this establishment.
The cuisine is fresh, simple and honest, good food prepared on an emphasis of the finest produce: either from bustling local markets or flown-in (specialties) from around the world. 
We went there after a short shopping around. We wanted to book for their fine dinner, however time doesn't allowed us to do so and it was fully book as well. Guess we should make our reservation earlier next time then. Hence we went for their some coffee and cake while admire the spectacular view from the terrace. 

Lovin their Japanese funky type of clay teapot

Harbour Side

View below the terrace over looking the hectic city

Bank Side

Not to mention, Ms B’s Sweets, the Cake Corner at Sevva. Ms B's is famous for their Princess and Prince Cake. renowned Signature Pair, Le Louis & Marie-Antoinette's Crave deliciously more than works of art.

Princessy Pink Cake Corner

Such as artsy cake they have there! <3

Taaaadaaaaaahhhh this is my Princess Cake - Marie Antoinette's Crave!!

Princess Birthday Cake Cutting Time!

Thank you Love <3

Do check out the other part of Sevva.

Till then, shall blog more about my Hongkong post. Perhaps my other birthday post? Stay tuned for more updates. xx


  1. Like the place so much, especially the view <3
    Thanks for shared =)

  2. Just browsing some blogs. :)

    I went to HK last year too. ^^ It's a great place to visit!
    Happy belated birthday, by the way. :)


  3. love the princess cake! omg gotta pay a visit there! <3

  4. Your cake looks awesome la! :O

  5. Awww I love yo cake ! Stay charming always (: