Photo Diary : Penangites at Universal Studio Singapore

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hi, as you can read from the title it's Singapore post comes with photo diary again!!! A day well spent in Universal Studio Singapore with all the Penangites, like a little reunion in Singapore! Well I just somewhat wants to digest all the photos before i proceed to my other travel post, how many more left? Errr.. Cruise? Hongkong? And now i have one upcoming... The minute when you see this post, i'm probably happily enjoying and celebrating my after-internship-welcome-to-free-zone-weekend-getaway(yes rather long name, i know! haha) now! 

Ok i just want to say I LOVE JULY! Another getaway to somewhere cold this time! Wheeeee

(Scheduled post) Photo Diary feat. Joyce, Candice, Von, Jie Loon, Nigel, Isaac & Wei Sheng... Have fun enjoy the pictures below!

Group picture with the favorite bunch and tons of fun!

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