Pharmaton Tea Party | Swich Cafe, Menara HP

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

People these days are concern about a better healthy lifestyle. They may have their own sources of inner vitality but due to the challenges of modern living. However sometimes we need extra support to release individual sparkle and shine. Hence Many of them have been consuming supplement ever since that.

Last month, i was invited to an healthy talk by Pharmaton Tea Party at Swich Cafe. I'm sure most of you have heard about it if you have elder people staying with you. We most known it as supplement but what kinda supplement and it's effect in it? Pharmaton is a specially formulated combination of vital nutrients proven by expert. It enhances your physical and mental well-being by working in natural harmony with your body to release your individual resources from the inside out. Pharmaton also helps in release your inner vitality. Such an amazing All-in-One health supplement containing the essential vitamins, minerals with the Standardized Ginseng Extract G115 for Health and Vitality. It has more than 50 years of heritage available over 100 cities and clinically tested and proven. Tagged Michele along, as she's a very weak person, she needs more vitamin to boost up her health condition. 

It's Pharmaton event, everything was in Orange that day! Not a big fan of Orange but still manage to put on an orange attire that day! 

My date/My classmate/My Driver/My BFF, My blur Michele <3

Everyone and everything in ORANGE! As though we were at Pharmaton land that day! Haha

After all the ice breaking session, we were given a presentation talk by the professional lady who has been working in Pharmaton for the past 10 years. During the presentation, we got to know more about how to manage stress by adopting healthy lifestyle whether they are positive stress and negative stress.

People these days usually face 2 types of stress, positive stress and negative stress. I couldn't agreed more with the Positive stress can motivate us to achieve our goal. (My favorite quote now) Like me, i'm a college student, sometimes it's really stressful during exam or assignment period. And it's Pharmaton time to does it's wonder. With Pharmaton a multivitamin supplement that has all the essentials needed to help stay energized at that very period. It helps to improve concentration, alertness and memory retention. Besides that, It also combats the symptoms of stress and tiredness at the meantime can helps body to adapt in stress situation too. In the future i can do my assignment with my favorite snacks with me and keep my company to help boost spirit. For more information, you may check out  Pharmaton website.

Caught myself smiling like a lost kid while everyone was paying full attention on her talk. I have no idea what i was thinking, must be something wrong! Lol

There were several games later on, such as card matching games and treasure hunt. We were separated into 3 different groups and know what?! Our group won! Yay for prizes!

Group shot for Group 2! Peace for our victory!

Next on, Food time. Afternoon tea is ready to serve all the hungry cats. Food served in Swich Cafe was super delicious. Now i found a new place to chill around Bangsar now, not around Telawi side but at Bukit Damansara, situated on Menara HP. Lunch date next! 

Delicious Food! Yummm yummmm!

Before we called it a day, every participants were given a special gift prepared by Pharmaton.

Bloggers with their Pharmaton gift on, time to unwrap the surprise in it! (From Left : Yang Bao Bei, Yours truly, Jane & Ashley)

Here's a candid picture of my overly joy and surprise expression. And Jane too! 

Us with our surprise prepared gifts on! All of us are such a happy girl now!

Here’s my little surprise gift! Bath Room Set from Sylvanian Families. Although it's just a toy, I’m totally amazed by how they know imma super Rabbit/Bunny fans! (Yes I have a thing to them! Might  adopt one soon. Haha) The best part of all, it’s from a bunny interior set. Maybe they know imma an interior designer? How sweet! Thanks for the gift Pharmaton Crew. :)

Group picture with the rest of the bloggers and participants.

Ending this post with yours truly and her Pharmaton certificate on! Till then.

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