Insta Diary : (June) 1/6 - 17/6

Monday, June 17, 2013

Dear diary,
Sorry for neglecting ya for a week, been busy working, internship is no easy! Now i know why it's InternShit! OT is killing! So instead of a proper blogpost  i decided to come out with an Insta Diary, something similar with my photo diary, food diary, fashion diary & etc. Just a recap photo post from my instagram, like what i have been doing now from time to time. If you missed out any of them, you may check them out now; if you want to know about my live updates, do follow me on instagram @povyteng to catch my daily life. 

(Note: Record starts from June 1-17, Today)

New TR New Beauty, 自拍神器 TR350 my long awaited latest model for Casio Tr Series. Comes in Electric Pink, White & Black! The best part is it has build-in wireless! Perfectly for me, I swear I'm gonna get this baby home! #casio #tr350#newtrnewbeauty
( Something to Die For! Can't wait to get them on my hand!!)

Saturday Morning Dip with ze hyperactive baby @nanabwincess 
(Swimming at Christer's Crib before #GenerationBeautyTalk)

HAPPY SATURDAY with ze GBT girls!#generationbeautytalk2013 #GBT2013
(Went to try on the best curry prawns at Nibong Tebal with ze girls)

(Pink on Saturday)

Virgin first visit to Cuvée w ze KL girls

(Before #GenerationBeautyTalk, & am wearing Camo TRUK FIT cap from @cajoyness)

Monday no more blues! Got a surprise gift from dear Sofifi today! Thank you so much, and I'm really glad to know you! Even though we may know each other for long but you're someone who clicks really well with me, both are Aries maybe? Take care and see you soon in Sydney! (Ps: it fits pretty well and perfect color for me) Love you my daughter @sofia_marsh 
(Got this surprised gift from my dear Sofifi, now i start missing her already! T.T)

Mei Mei lunch with ze Mei Mei @estee_louder this afternoon! Just like our usual lunch break together, too much to talk but too little time we had! P/s: missing ze sweet alcoholic panna cotta! What a good working day, got myself pamper with something sweet! #foodporn #dessert #pannacotta

Mei Mei lunch yesterday @estee_louder! P/s: Colorlens-less, 無神的眼睛
(My lunch/gossip mates :p)

Stayed back in the office after work! Had OT replacement dins with colleagues at my favorite Taiwanese cuisine
(OT Meals got to claim. :p)

My graduation with babyNN & our new soft toy Picolo!  #ThrowbackThursday #pororo#thelittlepenguin

(Now you know why i hardly update my blog now)

(Some EMO quote)

心情無論好不好,每天睡醒也要對著鏡子笑一笑,自我感覺才會良好!Smile that makes you beautiful #Friday#qotd
(Quote quote quotes!)
Moody Friday Evening, sneaked out from work and bought my little penguin a Green tea Frap! Anyway yay to 50% discount frappuccino with Starbucks tumbler!

(Some emo quotes too, specially dedicate for my someone. :p)

(No more emo so here comes my smiley pic)

Our Gatsby Afternoon Tea in the private room with @joyceteng @eugeniaayang 

Saturday girls day out, silly yet fun topic we had! Missing all the laughter now @joyceteng @eugeniaayang 

KATE Make up Workshop @ncwann @sharon_bee928 #kate
(Fun Fun Fun Make up workshop with other bloggers)

Gold Leopard Coordinates  Gold Peplum Top from @covetz Transparent Clutch from @her_wishlist #OOTD

Tonight's dinner ze best layer mashed potato#foodporn
(Anniversary Dinner with le boyf <3)

Good night my perfect Sunday! Happy week ahead peeps!
(Selca with the perfect magic camera, to end my perfect weekend)

My pandora box transparent clutch from @her_wishlist 

Have a break, have a kit kat! My Monday not blue, went green instead! Colleague bought us Green Tea KIT KAT all the way from Japan! Something sweet at work @estherjong @jjmehi #greentea#kitkat
(Yum yum in my tummy now!)

Monday Movie Night with @mizzmich Thank you @nuffnang for the tickets!
(Nice show, Thank you Nuffnang for the invites!)

Last Sunday with Sister Wan @ncwann Super in love with her magic camera, I'm dying!!! 
(Don't you think she really looks like my boyf? Like brother my sister!)

11.06.2013  Happy 2nd Anniversary baby. Celebrated our pre-anniversary at the place where we had our first dinner, Mandarin Grill. Everything there seems to be the same but our love has gotten longer and stronger. I'm really glad to have you in my life. Though the joy also tears you brought me sometimes, you also taught me a lot in life. I love you, may many anniversaries coming ahead. ily NN <3
(Our second anniversary at Mandarin Grill where we had our first meal)

Look what just arrived?! Can't wait to whack them on my face! p/s: got little thank you gift from Stylenanda! Simply amazed although I can't really read what the Korean stated! #stylenanda #3CE#3ConceptEyes
(Gotta blog about it soon!)

(Selca Pic on Dui Wu Festival)

一早起來的陽光最美最健康 , 站在那兒晒一晒了才上班額外精神! Rise & Shine Thursday 
(Random Morning Pic)

Moses Chan & Aimee Chan got married in Paris, she's wearing Lanvin wedding dress! Lovely married couple! TVB最登對的情侶終於結婚了! 
(Awww so sweet)

with ze Kpop @bobostephanie

Formica Forever 100 Years Celebration Event with @jjmehi @huiyean90
(Spontaneous event hopping after work with colleague)

Hello Ex-Senior & Nuffie @trixhawu 
(This annoying girl that i loved to bully her! hahahaha! She better don't read this! Lol)

Favorite classic lunch with classmates after our presentation! #foodporn #roastpork #rotibabi#chickenchop #lambchop
(Best place for lunch)

It's F R I D A Y , lets cheers for the party weekend!#TGIF
(wearing tassel dress from Zara)

Friday Party Look My first try on 3CE cosmetic Cream Blusher, Face Glow & Lip Color #3ConceptEyes

來張上週六的照片吧, 休閒下午茶 #saturday#afternoontea
(Top from @phatculture, heels from Zara. Just a short mention, since many of them been asking in my instagram)

Double Boys attacking Heineken Green Room @eugeniaayang #boychanel
(Same bag & same design but different size)

'Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad like you!' Happy Father's Day Daddy Teng! Thank you for raising us and being there all the time, you're always our number 1 superhero in life! We love you forever! (p/s: this was the only picture taken during CNY when all our siblings were back! ignore the low quality of iPhone pic)
(Wishing my dad on instagram)

Those were the days he brought us out and looked after us doing silly stuff! 童年回憶樂 Best Childhood with Dad  #Throwback #GoodOldMemories#picturededicatetodad #HappyDaddyDays
(My current phone display pic, I miss dad!)

週日首次嘗試了中醫電療針灸 Sunday first tried on Traditional Chinese Electric Acupuncture Treatment
(will blog more about it)

Till then, that's all for now!

Best Regards,

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  1. Hope to see more updates on your blog! By the way, mind sharing what brand of contact lens are you using right now? It looks gorgeous!