Heineken Green Room, KL Live '13

Monday, June 24, 2013

How's everyone's weekend? I'm sure most of the people just stayed in because of the super annoying haze out there, even i do. It was pretty bad over the weekend, hopefully things will get better. So at the meantime, stay in door and DRINK MORE WATER! Yes i'm a big fan of Water, trying to keep myself stay hydrated most of the time.*healthy tips 101*

Well, here's a recent event i attended last few weeks(No more delayed post from now on! Will try to update as soon as i can! I iz so gonna be super free right after my Intern-shit! Time to plan for my getaway! Time to Fly!  :D) Thank you Nuffnang and Heineken for the invites for Heineken Green Room. Initial our Saturday Party Plan were to crash two parties in a night(Dash Berlin in Sepang & Heineken Green Room in KL Live). However things just turned out bad, we then switched our plan to only one event on a night. Tagged Eugenia, le Sing-Sian out with le boyf and his friend, Nicholas. Traffic that night was crazy, it took us some time to reach KL! The minute we arrived the crowd has began to hype up. We quickly grabbed our bottle of Heineken and enjoy the party.


Everything in Green & White for Heineken

The first one we met, the party hard Nuffies! Sue Ann, Trixha, Yours Truly & Eugenia

 Le Boyf <3

 PhotoBomb shot by Sueann & Trixha!

Proceeded to the hall after we got our drinks then joined Nana and Cherrie, the early birds. Photo taking with slow shutter mode, lovin the effects with all colorful lights around.

Cherrie & Nana

with Estee

While i was busy taking picture and mingling with girls, they were happily enjoying taking picture themself, without me! :(

Guys brother vain moment with me and Eug's twin Boy Chanel Bag.

Hopped over to Zouk for after Party, the night was rather fun yet memorable, meeting so many familiar faces in the club! Holla everyone!~

Hi Michelle, The beauty behind the Mivva Beauty Box

Party Babe Ivin

Pretty Penangites, Junees

 Last, my Retro Party Coordinate: 


Romona Polka Dot dress from In House Fashion  
Black Loafer Pump from ShopKiss&Tell. 
Black Patent Leather Boy Chanel Bag  
Round Shades from Topshop

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  1. Hi, may I know if you applied diane.3 sunscreen on this picture too? how many times do you apply miyome every night or just once a week? TQ :)