Ducati Back Seat Rider Experience | Malboro Mscape VIP Lounge Moto GP2012

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Some overdue post happened months ago last year. A total unforgettable once in the lifetime experience i had as a Ducati Back Seat Rider. Frankly Speaking if you ask me to take these ride all over again, there's a BIG NO i swear. I would never risk it when there's no security assisting with the speed travels 280km per hour. It was super challenging massive ride, trust me! Well, not a rider next time but a visitor for Moto GP for the coming years. :)

Last year, I was given the opportunity to experience the Marlboro M-Scape during the Malaysian Moto GP 2012 at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC). The Marlboro M-Scape is an opportunity for consumers to experience the speed and thrills of Moto GP from the posh Marlboro M-Scape Lounge in the paddock. Consumers got to participate in games during a series of roadshows whereby the winners were selected by Zouk Club KL. How lucky when a person like me who rarely goes to club and the best part of all i don't even smoke, yet got invited to Marlboro Mscape Lounge. Thank you Tim from MHB for inviting me and two other female bloggers, Jane and Stephanie.

To be frank, i have never been to Sepang International Circuit. Let alone driving, i don't even know how to go there, unless is the other way to airport. Lol. Thank god, we were all gathered at Zouk Club KL, the meeting point in the morning. Something cooler was when we were picked up by taxi from our house to Zouk, VIP style yo! 

Excited faces, all ready for Moto GP 2012

Arrived at Malboro Mscape VIP Lounge with ze girls, Jane and Steph

Time to get freshen up in the lounge before our thrilling ride later on!

Girls time, selca with Jane <3

Yours Truly posing with the Humongous Ducati

Hot Hots Female DJs in the house

Everyone and most of every thing is in Red!

Bar to chill while waiting and watching the entire Moto GP

Score Checking for all the Ducati Fans in the lounge

Some interactive games to win cool keychains

Steph won a cute Keychain

Valentino Rossi aka ‘The Doctor’ from the Ducati team made an appearance

Valentino Rossi autographed some merchanside

Met some new friend came all the way from Europe(i forget where specifically) where just for Moto GP in Malaysia!

My matching gadgets for Moto GP! Red x Purple

And so this is the RED me for Moto GP! effect done by my Sony NEX F3

Next, before our lunch and in between the practices and qualifying sessions we headed down to the pits for a walk. Walking under the sun at 12 freaking noon. Tim is seriously playing a fool on girls! However it was one real great experience to see each and every paddock preparing for their race later. Not forgetting all the super hot models standing at their paddock!

Us! Super Hot! The weather i'm talking about! Don't get me wrong! Lol

Cute Ang Moh kids spotted!

where our Malboro Mscape VIP Lounge was!

We had our lunch at the lounge , i didn't really have much in fact because we were told that we shouldn't be eating too much as we were going on bike. Eating too full will make me puke, i know myself! Hahaha. We rest for a while waiting for the rest and go for briefing. There were several forms to be signed, safety precautions for us to know, and also a simple medical check-up. Getting excited woohooo! 

Steph stuffing ear sponge to prevent the loudness next to the racing pit

Happy girl ready to go!

Signature post again! hahahaha

Guess what's next? We were brought to the changing room and got ready for our self arm in racer suits. Two each take turns to get the suit on. The suit is freaking heavy and hot, the minute we put on the suit and helmet, we could barely walk and talk! And sweating like nobody business! 

My Extra Small Racer Helmet!

Yours truly in her racer suit! Cool or not!?

Got all suited up, we were not allow to bring our belongings together with us, no phone and no camera! Luckily there were a few photographers to capture our very moment! Or else i will cry! Because i must die die show my son or future grandson, like see, Mama was a backseat rider she was young! Hahahaha

Everyone was concentrating listen to the pro to explain on the race

Me trying on the back seat before the real ride

Spot me! Haha

And so this is Jane, you can see from her eyes! Happily smiling all the time!

And me, with my colored pony tail! 

Picture taken once i done my ride, Messy hair once i took off my helmet! Good sign cause IT IS REALLY AMAZING!

The first two ladies to begin the race!

Group pictures with all the red lions!

A picture with our new friend also our ride mates sekali-sekalian! Nice meeting everyone! :)

Last, all of us were given the helmet & gloves we got from my ride, including the caps, tags, t-shirt, and key chains as souvenirs. The best thing of all is, we got their autograph signed on our helmet with my name on too! How sweet! <3



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  4. Hey there, i been dying to find out more details of this M-Scape company and MotoGP event. Could you please tell me how did you get the exclusive invitation?

    Million thanks in advanced.

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