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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Haven't been watching Korean Drama for quite sometimes, was busy for my graduation, barely have time to other stuff, not to mention catching dramas(except for those in AOD, i watched those repeated episodes one shot in a day. LOL) I don't know when was the last time i watched, the last Korean drama for last year was probably Queen In-Hyun's Man. I missed watching Korean Drama, I missed listening to all the romantic touching words from both party, I missed watching the actor and actress cried like they were about to die the next day, and I enjoyed crying with them as the drama goes on. I'm such a big Korean fan, from Kpop to Drama! Haha Remember I'm a big fan of Bigbang too! :D

And this drama just caught my attention, i don't usually watch Korean Dramas unless my sister or friends told me it's nice, i rather wait and let them be the white mice because some Korean Dramas really senseless and waste of time. Lol. Well, i happened to came across the advertisement of That Winter, The Wind Blows on the Pavilion billboard as Song Hye Kho, ambassador of Laneige. One of prettiest Korean actress who did not go any plastic surgery, one of the few left with natural beauty. I love her since the drama Full House on 2004. Not forgetting Jo Insung, a super tall and handsome actor from drama Memories of Bali(with my favorite actress Ha Ji Won) he has now coming back from taking a two-year break of military service! Ahhhh so many amazing actors which is hardly find in Korean Drama these days! A must watch i told myself! 

That Winter, the Wind Blows is a melodrama about Jo InSung as Oh Soo and Oh Young who both don’t believe in love. Oh Soo is an orphan who is left heartbroken later in life after his first love passes away and comes to lead a goal-less life as a high stakes gambler. Soo is also a con artist who preys on the rich and he sets sights on a new target: Oh Young, pretending to be her long-lost brother. Oh Young, aka Youngie is a lonely heiress who feels she must look after others and herself after her parents get divorced and she finds herself becoming visually impaired. The two will come to find the true meaning of love after meeting each other. 

Featuring some of my favorite quotes in the drama! 

“ People want to find meaning to their life. To try to find meaning in life, some people put their life on the line for a loved one they will soon forget. Others put their life on the line chasing after a desire that will soon disappear like bubbles. Everyone says they’re looking for life’s meaning. Then should I also try to find some meaning in this screwed up world? Then will my life change? I’ve lived my whole life believing that there’s no one I can count on but myself. Will the sun shine down on me as well? Then, let’s give it a shot…” – Oh Soo

" All i am is trash. Even though i was thrown out like trash because of her, at least once, i wanted to live like a decent person. " - Oh Soo Oppa

Cotton Candy <3

" When you were gone and i couldn't see you, the hardest part was that i still missed you.. " - Youngie

Happy Ending when they met in Spring <3

Kim bun and this girl looked super cute together too! <3

That Winter, the Wind Blows has become one of my favorite drama after Secret Garden, it somehow feels the same to me. This drama plays pretty slow compare to other Korean Drama these days. However in just only 16 episodes, every episodes brought me to a brand new chapter, i will never get bored with the stories in it, always full of excitement while watching and wanting to know what's gonna happen next. Sometimes it really teared me a lot especially when i see both of them are letting go each other. 
The ending was perfect too, otherwise i would cry again! Lol. It's not only a drama, it's like a live scenery in every scene, wonderful and breath taking. Dying to go Korea this winter now!

Besides that, what makes That Winter, the Wind Blows enjoyable is the music and how well it is placed throughout the drama. This is impressive considering that the OST is comprised of only a few songs. The most important songs being Winter Love and And One by Taeyeon of SNSD. Each of the songs that make up the OST are slow, sad, and beautiful. Just like any song from a good OST, they bring back memories of especially emotional scenes from the drama. 

Below are some of my favorite OST from That Winter, the Wind blows. I still listen to them every night before i sleep! 

The One - Winter Love

Taeyeon - And One

Gummy - Snow Flower

Ye Sung - Gray Paper

I don't think this is one of the OST, but i love this song! 

go go go! GO WATCH NOW!!!

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  1. Song Hye Kho is one of my fav Korean actress another one would be 尹恩惠 :P