Photo Diary : Morning Dip in MBS Infinity Pool [Sep'12]

Friday, May 24, 2013

Such a good day today, not working on a public holiday. Wishing everyone Happy Wesak Day.

Since it's a public holiday i decided to do a picture post related to holiday too. Just so you know i have recovered all my photos from iPhoto, time to reveal part of my singapore girls' trip last year. It's better for me to digest them before they become history forever. Lol. Click here to check out our first day in Singapore.

On the second day of our trip, we woke up pretty early for a morning dip. As a Hotel guest, we would never miss the chance to enjoy provileged access to the iconic Sands Skypark and the amazing Infinity Pool located on 57 storeys above the ground. 

So yeah, let the pictures do all the talking not forgetting enjoy all the bikini/swimming pictures.

Shades on a Sunny Day

Panorama view

ALERT: Super vain swimming/selca/poser pictures STARTS NOW! LOL


Candice & Joyce

I hate being in the middle of these two fair ladies, make me looked 7493423042 times darker! DAMN!

Signature pose! L O V E  

Ok after all the 45436 pictures on the land, time to invade the infinity pool...

Guess who came to join our fun in Singapore?


Back in hotel! Till then. xx


  1. Hi Povy may I know how much the hotel room you rented at MBS cost? Heard that it's very costly. Thanks :)

  2. Yinee,

    We booked under promotion, around 3-400 Sg per night, less than 1000 RM. :)

  3. HI Povy, May I know where do you get your bare back white blouse/dress? Imma so in love with it <3

    Thanks in advance !!