My Stay x 21st Birthday Trip in HK'13 | The Luxe Manor HongKong

Monday, May 13, 2013

feat. Fashion Diary ; What i'm wearing on the last day of my trip ;
Chanel Inspired Jacket - Twenty3
Shinning Leather Leggings - Topshop
Black flats - Tory Burch
Random Black Scarf
Bag - Balenciaga Giant City

What is the first thing that came into your mind when it comes to traveling? Flight? Money? Accommodation? Or any other? To me accommodation is playing an important role. It is one of the main factor that provides a short-term basic accommodation when we are away from home.

I could be very easy going with the places where i am staying now, not any luxury condos with exclusive interior design. (Hopefully i get to earn more money from now, and design my future house in super cool interior. Since i'm an Interior design now, so why not? Think Big, Dream Big, & Do it BIG! Lol) However, as for these HK trip, it was my birthday trip and also my first trip with my boyf out from Malaysia, i wish i could spend a better time with him.

I have been browsing through several hotels around Central or Tsim Sha Tsui. Hotels in Hongkong it's really Pricey, for normal hotel rate that 2-300(in Ringgit) per night in Hongkong can only get hotel 
below 3 stars or worst, unlike from Bangkok we could stay like a king in stylo boutique hotel. This is the difference in different country.

Thank god i found The Luxe Manor HongKong, It is situated at Tsim Sha Tsui. I instantly fell in love with their main attraction of boasting fairytale-style interiors and European architecture. It is a luxurious, high-tech and European Kowloon boutique hotel offers trendy accommodation with modern amenities. Every night cost around 500(in Ringgit), just nice for our budget. Well i don't mind paying more for the pretty interior and awesome services too. Not forgetting The Luxe Manor is located in the city centre, offers easy access to many of Hong Kong's sightseeing and entertainment options, for eg. 5 minutes walk to the nearest MTR station, shoplots and restaurant all day and night 24/7, another plus points for the hotel!

Come let me walk you to my exclusive boutique hotel. P/s: It may not be as huge as those 6 stars hotel but with their amazing interiors, i'm sure you will be in love.

The Luxe Manor is an intriguing celebration of the abstract and the extraordinary. As richly diverse in style as the origins of our guests, The Luxe Manor is a boutique hotel as though fashioned from Salvador Dali's fertile imagination. Surreal yet unexpectedly comforting, discover a delightfully rich eclectic mix of Oriental and European decor with Post-modern sensibilities.

Pretty Cool and chic style for its' interior. In love with all the special sofas and chairs once entering the lobby. 

Front desk & TOUCH counter

My favorite 老夫子 Old Master Q Chair, the one i'm sitting on the picture above!

Emerge from the cocooned world of The Luxe Manor into the spellbinding and throbbing heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. Awaiting you are world renowned luxury retailers alongside a myriad of shops, markets, department stores and museums. Head to Knutsford Terrace where a dazzling array of stylish restaurants, bars and clubs offer a taste of Hong Kong's dynamic urban lifestyle.

Sexy chair that looks like a Lipstick too me! 

For the seriously surreal, "Dada" is our bar and lounge with heavy echoes of Salvador Dali with inspirational touches from hi>s contemporaries, Andre Breton and Joan Miro. FINDS Restaurant serves a wonderful Scandinavian menu and a daily buffet breakfast. Creative fusion dishes are available at g.e. restaurant. Dada Bar + Lounge boasts cozy interiors, delicious cocktails and live entertainment.

Next, let's proceed to my stay for the coming 4 days at Deluxe King Room.

It's a photo frame design on the wall. Such a creative idea.

Not to mention the super huge full height mirror on the wall in everywhere of the room. Best lah! Easily for people to check on them self before heading out, also best for vain people like me to selca! What a girl loves to do the most! hehe. Pardon me, i may be a little over excited when i saw pretty interior, it just the little thing in my blood, the reason why i chose to take up interior design than any other.

Selca of my OOTD before heading out!

It was a birthday on the last two days of my stay, room service sent me a Birthday cake on the exact day. See how sweet of them! <3

Yay Selca with my cake and my newly bought Chipmunk headgear from Disneyland.

Till then i realize there are many other theme suite in the hotel, but of course more expensive. Still i would love to visit The Luxe Manor again, you know why?! Because we overslept most of the time, didn't manage to pay the hotel restaurant and bar a visit! FINDS restaurant and Dada Bar were designed in some cool interior too! What a waste!

Time to sleep, working tomorrow! Did i ever mention i have start working for my internship? Yes tomorrow it's gonna be my 4th day! Fighting Povy! Looking forward to a brand new week, Monday no blue! Goodnight earthlings. x


  1. Hi Povy,

    I am a huge fan of your blog. However, could I ask you a question. The Luxe Manor is around 3000 plus Malaysia for 4 days. How do you afford it? Just would like some inspiration for success in my finances.

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