Food Diary : Lunch date @ Yeast Bistronomy

Monday, May 27, 2013

As i promised a food post around Bangsar after Hit & Mrs. Well, didn't know about the existing of Yeast Bistronomy until my hair visit at Shawn Culter the other day. It is situated along Jalan Telawi 2. 

First, why Yeast and Bistronomy? Yeast because they serve everything flour, yeast and bread. And as for Bistronomy, it literally derives from “bistro” and “gastronomy”. Hence Yeast Bistronomy is a French-styled combination of bistro, boulangerie & wine bar. It is opened by a French artisan baker. We can hardly find a place that have their own bakery section with many arrays of fresh bakeries every day and pairing with classic French menu. The moment i stepped into Yeast Bistronomy, the yellow interior creates a very warm ambiance, instantly brought me to a place that totally off from Malaysia, as though i flew to somewhere in Europe, of France maybe? since it's a French restaurant. Such a cosy cafe in KL. 

Lunch date with le sis Joyce and Eugenia, Sing-sian(Malaysia + Singaporean) that just came back from Singapore. Brought her out to try out some new food since she never really visit to any restaurant in Bangsar, perhaps it was her first time here. We purposely keep our stomach empty in order to try out the new food in town. Ordered a mixture of breakfast and lunch for our first bites of the day.

When we starve, we became silly! So pardon me to begin this post with our silly faces.

Joyce & Eugenia

Cappucino & something never miss, Earl Grey Tea, my all time favorite! <3

Croque Madame ; Grilled turkey ham and cheese topped with a sunny side up egg

Quiche Lorraine ; not my liking but very filling even it comes in small portion.

Some sandwiches from lunch set that sis ordered. Totally no idea what it is! Pardon my bad grandmother memory! LOL

Picture time before we started to eat like a dinosaur!

While we were half way eating, we manage to catch the live photo shooting process with the french chef. And i guess we were the only guests seated at that moment! Nice one! :P

Master chef in making with make up on! Haha

Here are some fresh french pastried they bake everyday!. Try Try Try!

Yeast Bistro @ Telawi,
24G, Jalan Telawi 2, 
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2282-0118

Before i ending this post, here's a quick announcement for all the Topshop lovers in Penang! Topshop in Queensbay Mall is now ready to re-open on 30th May, this coming Thursday. For the first 50 at the door will gets RM50 cash voucher, only on the opening day. Mark down your dates and go get some shopping done! Till then, bye food & fashion lover. x


  1. Hey babe! I commented back on my page but I just downloaded Imotiv and now all the comments are gone :( anyways! I didn't realize you read/comment on my blog cos I do too :) All i know is that you are a famous blogger from Penang :) Hope we can talk more when we see each other in next event! :D xoxo

  2. Michelle Ooi,

    It's alright babe. I used to comment, but that was quite sometimes ago. haha.
    Well, i saw you in many events, but i was too shy to talk to you. Many thanks to Nana, and we are friends now!
    Sure, we can go out tea or wad ask Nana and Charis along. :) xx