Fashion Diary : Jazz up an all white outfit with Doublewoot

Sunday, May 19, 2013

White is the finest color, hence an all white outfit always look very boring and plain. Nay, that's a very wrong perception for what people usually thinks. I can jazz up an all white without any additional color too. Want to know what's my of trick on transforming simplicity into style? All you need is accessories that matches with your white outfit. 

Before that, let me introduce the apparel i'm wearing below. Featuring Double Woot one of my favorite online blogshop that offers lady office wear, but now they are bringing in brand new Doublewoot first Self-Manufactured casual wear. Both white Duenca Peplum Top and Doniq Tailored Short Pants. The peplum top is such a simple yet stylish piece, perfect outfit topper for all casual and dressy occasions where as the tailored short pants is a totally a comfortable fit that is equally ideal for daily wear as it is for all kinds of active endeavors. 

Style #1 : Kinky Purple. Simple with a touch of purple. Putting a side of the purple feather earring instead of two, hence the individualism stands out within the all white outfit.

Style #2 : Elegant White with Ribbon Collar. An office look alike after putting the flora collar with some pearls. 

Style #3 : Sweet Look. With just a beige belt and a pair of tassel earring, a perfect sweet look indeed. 

Style #4 : Multi Matching White. Instead of matching with peplum top, any other top would be nice too. For instance, my off shoulder lace top from PhatCulture. Sabo skirt inspired look!

Style #5 Chic Fun : Peplum top is not only for girly look, some boyish style may look pretty cool too. Peplum top with leather leggings, belt and a cap just nice for fun chic style.

If you're interested with what i'm wearing, head to Double Woot now. Code : povydwrm5may for Double Woot rm5 voucher. Til then, Happy mix and match Girls! x

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