21st Birthday Dinner #1 | Hit & Mrs, Bangsar

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Well i'm gonna start my first birthday post with my first celebration back in Malaysia. In fact it wasn't my first birthday celebration for this year, the first one was in Hongkong. However just a break from before i start my Hongkong post. So i guess i shall name it as the First birthday dinner on my blog with my VIP Penang girls in KL unintentionally.

I have tried many restaurants and cafes under The Big Group. How could i miss this newly restaurant that just opened around my housing area. Fret not! But my top favorite still goes S.Wine in Publika among all The BIG Group, imma such a big pork fan! Haha. To me Hit & Mrs is like another vintage cafe in Penang which is quite popular among in town lately. From their interior concept, food display, location selection and many other more. For one second, i feel homey when i stepped into it, all the good old childhood memories just flashed back, i miss my Ah Ma! haha. 

Hit & Mrs situated at a rather quiet place around the housing area at Lorong Kurau, it is so badly hidden until it took us sometimes to figure where isit even it's just located at Bangsar. Luckily there's an invention of Waze, otherwise i couldn't imagine how long do we need to travel.
For the sake of the name Hit & Mrs. The original concept would have been downstairs as the Hit for the dining area and open kitchen where the heat would come from,  whereas the upstairs bar is where it's cooler to hang out more suited for the Missus.

Let's start with the Menu and interior.

White carnation just like Antipodean. Sweet.

We were sitting next to the open courtyard, facing the open kitchen 

Me and Penangites/Housemate Nana-Natasha

Elder Sis- Joanne (such a new face in my blog, you know why?! Cause she hates taking picture with me. Nuuuu, she said we hardly took pictures together but not she didn't want to! LOL)

Third Sis- Joyce (Someone who need no introduction, My sister/manager/cook/& blaaaah! ALL IN ONE!

Oh Jojo, came late,no picture with her. Anyway she's Joelle, also from Penang, my best girlfriend! <3

Selca while waiting for the food to be served. :) The T's, Teng and Tang!

Hit & Mrs is a total different range from the usual restaurants under the group. It has an experimental dining menu that changes every week depends on the season and freshness of ingredients available. The food menu comes in a way when different selected categories served in certain price for. From Small Plate(appetizer), Big Plate(main course), Sweet plate(dessert) and special menu. Quite pricey though compare to other branch under the group.

Tell you a little more about Special Menu we got the information from the waiter. It comes in 8 courses for roughly RM175++ per person. How it works when you can have the option to order the dishes in the dinner menu as an alacarte or go for the tasting menu, with 2 choices from small plate, 2 from main plate and 2 from sweet plate, and additional 2 surprise chef's special. Sounds cool right? But sounds very bloated too! lol

Instead of trying the special menu, all of us ordered a Big plate as our stomach are still under control, not ready for the 8 courses special meal yet. However i guess the menu has got to change by now as it's an experimental for every week. Go try now and test your luck! Food list below, all the Big plates for each of us.

Kick off with Multi-grain bread with super-soft butter surfaces

Amuse Bouche, something that i don't even ring a bell! Not my liking!

Atlantic Cod, White Bean Puree, Tomato Salad for me
Taste really fresh for the cod, just nice with the tomato salad to maintain it's freshness

Beef Cheeks, Mash, Asparagus for Natasha

Salmon, Pink Reddish Raita for Joelle

72 Hours Short Ribs, Chanterelles, Potato Olive Crumbs
Some incident happened, my clumsy sister Joyce ordered Ribs but she didn't know it was beef ribs, ended up spending her beef ribs to her boyf, cause we don't take beef. Remember my Kobe trip without Kobe Beef! Yes, that's us! Boooo

Gold Snapper, Spicy Tomato Stew, Mixed Beans for Joyce (Her second meal)

And guess what's next?! Cake cutting session! My second cake this year! Hehehehehe

My favorite Death by Chocolate cake from Just Heavenly.

Me and my girls. Everyone was in Blue and White surprisingly, great mind thinks alike! <3

Last group picture with my girls and their boyfss. Where's my shy boy MIA too?!

Over all, the food was good but a little expensive. Apart from that, their experimental menu looks kinda interesting. Didn't happen to visit the upstair(No picture atm), a place to unveil and a visit to pay back indeed. Perhaps the coming weekend? Not to mention they have started serving brunch on weekends because previously they are only open for dinner. Such a cool place to explore, a HIT and no misses! Have fun finding the places anyway though. Till then, stay tuned for my next food diary visit in Bangsar too, and guess where!?. :)

Hit & Mrs. Restaurant and Wine Bar
by The BIG Group
15 Lorong Kurau
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2282 357

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  1. Hye, im taking my boyf out for his bday dinner. Thinking of inviting his friends too, this place looks good but I'm wondering, roughly, how much the price per dish is. I'm taking him tonight and still havent decided any good restaurants yet. Looking fwd for ur reply :)