Fashion Diary : C E L I N E

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello Fashionistas, i know it's getting late here, just a quick fashion diary before i off to bed. Oh well pardon me for i breaking my promise for not updating the fashion post i promised from my previous post. Something tragic just happened to me, my iphoto crashed when i was half way editing my pictures and it doesn't seems to work after i restart it. God who knows i faced some similar issue  when i was having dinner with my boyf just now, i accidentally format my SD card, all my photos gone again. No more photos left for me this time! DIE!

However after searching up and down, thanks to my friend super solution, i finally manage to solve this 'photos MIA problem' with Disk Drill, it works perfect fine to me. All my photos in my SD card just recovered. Otherwise i wouldn't be here blogging about this post. Pardon for no C, Chanel post, will replace it with another C, Celine Outfit post of mine, hope that you guys don't mind. If you really die die want to watch the Chanel post, you can check out my youtube channel first, or wait till i complete the whole post with pictures and videos. 

Enough of midnight crap. I'm just too happy with my pictures are now back! Words can't even express how i feel now, got back my 3000 photos from SD card. I guess i shall leave my another 100K photos for tomorrow before i start using Disk Drill or maybe send it to workshop? Wish me luck, wish me FAST FAST get back all my photos! *finger crossed*

So yeah, here's a short Fashion Diary with Long Shitty Crap!

Saturday Coordinates :
White Spaghetti Top from Supre
Shinning Leather Leggings from Topshop
Leaf pattern scarf from Taiwan
Celine Fluo Pink Micro Luggage
Shades from OhMyGlasses
Black Wedges Boots from ALDO

Till then, dawn is here, bed i'm coming! Good Night/Good Morning dolls. x


  1. Hello Povy :)) keep on update your blog please!! :p I like to read your blog so much!

  2. what's the link of your youtube chnl ?

  3. hi may i ask the size of your celine? is it mini or micro??