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Friday, March 01, 2013

Thank god, my blog is back, Oneveryonelips(dot)com is now back in action to the blogosphere. *Throws Confetti* ヽ(〃∀〃)ノ

I know most of you must be curious where the heck did my blog goes to? Me either. I was busy with my final assignments and graduation lately, haven't been really sit down and do a proper post, hence I didn't know my blog went Error until some reader friend told me so. (〃*`Д´)
February last year was Oneveryonelips first 'born', my new born baby. So technical every February of the year I have to renew my domain in order to continue. But god who knows, google automatically renewed my domain with my register credit card without notify me. Before that, I was thought of switching server from blogger to Wordpress. Not until I received the email from Google, it stated domain is renewed with GoDaddy. Oh well. Part of my problem solved, guess I shall stick with blogger for another year then. Then things start to get silly. My domain is registered but it shown Error on my page, and everything bounced back to I kept on trying, i emailed Google but no reply. I twitted about GoDaddy they replied and offered some help, but no every useful though. I was so upset at one point, the stress level from finals to my blog down is driving me crazy. After few days of trying, I finally managed to retrieve back to the right server. (;-ω-)ゞ

Oh well let alone my angry domain MIA story, just a short shout out to my blog. HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY TO ONEVERYONELIPS! I'm so glad that throughout the first year, my blog has gained a lot from nothing till today! Thanks to my friends, my managers and not forgetting my dear readers. You're my motivation that made my blog. Pardon for the lack of updates lately. Just give me one more month till my graduation! Then I'll be super free! I'm sure you people don't wish to see me 'fail' my final year right?! *Choi choi choi* Sooner then I'll be an Interior Designer Blogger. Sounds cool right? Just wish me luck for final and graduation. Anyway it's first of March now, which means less than 21 days to my graduation, wish me many many many lucks please!

I can finally put a big smile on my face now! <3

Love, Povy

Valentine post updated. Scroll down to check out more! x 

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  1. Good luck Povy! Can't wait for your post about your graduation! ;D

  2. Happy anniversary to ONEVERYONELIPS!
    Good luck for finals and graduation. You're looking gorgeous as always ♥

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