Sail-away with SuperStar Gemini #1 | On Cruise & Phuket Tour

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Aloha, i'm back! Do you miss me? :P

Well, to me sometimes i miss blogging about travel post, they somehow reminded me how wonderful when you're away from the hectic city, forget about all the stress that finals and graduation brought to me. 2 months time for me to go still. Sigh! Not to mention some inner emotional break down earlier. However  everything is solved, i felt much better right now. Be positive, Be happy! 

Sorry if i kept you guys waiting, here comes a long long travel post! First trip on the first week of 2013, what a lovely way to kick start of the year! However instead of flying, we were invited on cruise SuperStar Gemini sailing from Penang - Phuket - Krabi. Many thanks to Hwajing Travel Tour and Nuffnang for this golden opportunity to visit SuperStar Gemini, the first in Malaysia and South East Asia to charter for its maiden voyage. 

Before we start of our cruise trip, some of the guests like us that located in KL were gathered together earlier transfered by several buses to Penang. Just in time to depart at Penang Port. Free Accommodation for good service!

Greetings from Me and BFF Nana! Aloha~ Feels so hawaiian with the flower garland!

Media Pass on!

Ze Superb SuperStar Gemini that can fit up to thousands of guest on board.

Bye my lovely Penang, see you after 4 days!

We were now at Deck 6 once we entered the cruise, sooner later all the guests were lead to the open deck to witness the sailing launch ceremony.

Superstar Gemini inaugural sailing launch ceremony were done. Penang Chief Minister Mr. Lim Guan Eng were invited as a guest to witness the launch too.

Later on, press conference specifically done with Mr. Kenny Cheong Ken Lee and Mr. Michael Goh were followed. 

After the launching events, we can finally head to our and have some rest!

Not too big, just nice for two!

What's inside our Goodie Bag! Thanks Hwajing Travel & Tour

Dinner time, we headed to the Top Deck for buffet Barbecue. Also we were in time to catch the nice sunset on cruise.

Such a windy evening with the sea breeze

My Nom Nom Time!

Amazing Sunset moment!


We also went for a quick swim after our dinner and gambling before we called it a night! Sad to say it was my first time legally entering casino! I'm a big girl now! Lol. Well we eventually spent a couple of hours there!

This is our pool on the deck!

Ooops no picture allow in the casino! 

The next day, we woke up pretty early to have our breakfast before the official brand launch and Phuket Island Tour later on.

Breakfast Energy Boost time!

The official brand launch were held at KTV Lounge by Mr. Kenny Cheong 20 years partnership with Starcruise.  Mr. Kenny also said Hwajing has earned its reputation in the industry for being fearless innovator and would take any challenges then transform into opportunity in business.

Special performance, watermelon fruit craving done by the talented Chef

Done with the morning session, all the guests were gathered at the entrance and ready to leave the cruise for a Phuket Day Tour.

Happy Girl ready to explore the town!

Arrived at Patong Beach after 15-20 minutes.

Greetings by the friendly locals with dance and music

Our Colorful Coordinates on the beach!

Topshop printed tank top | dip-dyed short pants from Singapore boutique | Longchamp tote bag 

Topshop floral-printed pants | Floral blouse from Sungei Wang Boutique | Ksubi shades

Our first destination goes to Bee Farm!
Nana pose with the Bee Queen

Natural Bee breading

And my turn with the giant Beeeeeeee! Lol

Next we also visited Wat Chalong, one of the well known temple in the island.

Tourist pose in front the temple tower

View from top of the temple

Nana got herself a coconut drink to kill the thirstiness.

Before we called it a day for our sight seeing, the tour guide also brought us to one of the best place to catch Phuket best scenery at Promthep Cape. It has a Hindu Shrine to the deity Brahma. This shrine has thousands of elephants in various sizes that are presented for pray. 

Elephants prayers

Us on top of the mountain!such a breathtaking scenery!

Panaroma View of Promthep Cape

Last stop goes to Central Festival Mall for some shopping and dinner.

Sadly street food is prohibited in Phuket, unless you visit the night market. We were madly craving for some local delights, hence the tour guide told us to get our cravings done all the the food court in Central Festival Mall. Ordered my favorite Thai food in their food court, Pad Thai and Mango Sticky Rice.

After dinner was free and easy, some of the guest were ready to back to our cruise whereas people like us wanted to do some beach shopping. So we walked around the streets along Patong Beach. Both of us bought some bikinis. We also pampered ourselves with foot massage after a long day.

Super cute van bar! 

Not much picture taken along the street, just doing simple walking and exploring.

found this super yummy chicken yakitori!

Took a picture on Patong Beach before we left.

Managed to catch the fireworks night view while we were on tender boat way back to our cruise.

And this is how SuperStar Gemini looked from far! Pretty hor? :P

Till then for our Day 1 and Day 2 on SuperStar Gemini. Stay tuned for our day 3 on Krabi and last day on visiting captain deck! Some interesting beach post coming up! x

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