Sentuhan Kasih Deepavali by PETRONAS

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Last Saturday, me and a few bloggers went on a Charity Gotong Royong activity at Kampung Wellington, Perak. It was a Program Sentuhan Kasih Deepavali organised by PETRONAS.

The main Initiative of this program is to communicate the ‘human’ side of PETRONAS where everyone is given the opportunity to share the spirit of togetherness and share the festive joy with the underprivileged community. Since it was well received by the staff and management, PETRONAS decided to make it an annual affair in 2006 and expanded the programme to cover other festivals such as Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Gawai, Tadao Kamaatan and Christmas depending on the locations. 

Besides that, Program Sentuhan Harapan PETRONAS is a community outreach programme initiated by PETRONAS with aims at providing basic assistance to hardcore poor families in the country.

This year, the underprivileged from Kampung Wellington was invited to participate in various activities
prepared for the programme and received festive hampers, ‘ang pows’ and ‘duit raya’. Kampung Wellington is a small kampung with a total 500 numbers of villagers from 66 families. Majority of the villagers are Indians while the remaining are Malay and Chinese. More than 90% of the villagers are poor with household income of lesser than RM700 and some are single mothers with many schooling children more up to six to eight of the schooling children. Most of them work at the palm estate and being paid on a daily basis which results in non fixed monthly income.

So we were there that day as a volunteers to witness and to help on those underprivileged to conduct
motivational and for a fun learning programmes for the children to nurture the young minds to love
knowledge and seek out learning opportunities for a better future. Not forgetting throughout 
Program Sentuhan Harapan PETRONAS, we were allow to do it as a corporation giving back to society. 

Gotong-royong bersama Ashley and Nana

And guess who is back? Miss Future Architect Ellie from Melbourne!!

Greetings by friendly villagers from Kampung Wellington upon our arrival

Before we started our Gotong-royong activity. We had a moment chatting with those local community at Kampung Wellington. I could see from the way they expressed, how life have been hard for them but they never gave up. Program Sentuhan Kasih is one of the help they could get from the society and they appreciate it. There were some UTP students helping up that day as well, providing what the local community needs and manage the entire program. Not forgetting they were doing for gotong-royong with us at the meantime. Hehe. So off we start our Gotong Royong before the event officially started later on.

After our Gotong Royong, everyone was waiting for YBhg Dato Medan and YBhg Datuk Rahim's arrival for opening ceremony. YBhg Dato Medan and YBhg Datuk Rahim then visited all the activity booths, village and assisting in several events, such as paint the badminton court borders at the community hall. He even helped on those lady to fry some of their food. :)

preparing fry food

painting the community hall wall

Speech was given for the opening ceremony by Pegawai Daerah Manjung

Followed up by YBhg Datuk Rahim

Last, YBhg Dato Medan and YBhg Datuk Rahim were presenting money packets to 142 families

Little Something from Petronas as our gift. 

That's all about PETRONAS' Sentuhan Kasih Deepavali programme at Kampung Wellington in Manjung, Perak. Watch the video to find out what they had to say about the programme. Enjoy!


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