Photographs sharing with Samsung NX1000

Monday, December 17, 2012

Every moment in life is precious, thanks to photographs, every precious moment can be captured and last forever. I'm sure this is the reason why people enjoy taking photos and keep track of it. This is why every photograph is worth sharing!

Now with Samsung’s latest camera NX1000, all the pictures taken can be updated to social network the next minute.

I'm impressed by this Pink Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1000. It does not only come with a sweet look but is multi functional. It has Mobile Link with its build-in Wifi and Social Sharing Functions that lets you share photos onto your social networking sites instantly. The Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1000 is also the most affordable of the NX range with key features including 20.3 megapixels with 1/4000 fast shutter and Built-in WiFi connectivity. I would say it's super light and compact for a camera with huge functions.
Product Specifications :20.3MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
Wi-Fi Connectivity
Mobile Link (Share photos instantly with smartphones & tablets)
Remote Viewfinder (Control your camera with a smartphone)
200mg (Lightest camera in its class)
1080p Full HD Stereo Movie Recording
Smart Auto 2.0
3.0” TFT LCD Display


MobileLink can directly beam photos to your iOS or Android device.

#1 You can see several icons from Wi-Fi application page. 

#2 Download MobileLink apps on my iphone.

#3 Connect your smart phone with the Samsung NX1000.

#4 Once it's done, you will see all your photos in your smart phone now.

Now i can have my photos directly send from my camera to my smart phone without importing them to my PC. It literrally save quite a lot of energy without the hassle of cable transfers.

Remote ViewFinder

The remote viewfinder function allows you to direct your Samsung NX1000 from your Smartphone in 2 simple steps.

#1 Download Samsung Remote ViewFinder apps in your smart phone then connect your Smart phone with your camera using Samsung Remote ViewFinder apps

#2 Next try to place your camera and start to direct it with your phone

Now you can take self shots multiple times without the need of a timer and second
photographer. Super convenient function!

Social Sharing(Facebook)
Social Sharing lets you upload photos to Facebook / Picasa / Photobucket and video to Youtube directly!

#1 Connect with Wifi, and log into your facebook account

#2 Start selecting the pictures on the camera

#3 Upload them

#4 Now the photo is on my facebook 


With it's build-in Wifi connectivity, making sharing photos super easy sharing photos and so much more convenient when photos can go live immediately.

NX1000 is available in both white and pink at all Samsung Authorized Dealers Malaysia. Samsung is now having a promotion on NX1000, Buy now and you will receive a FREE 50-200mm NX Lens worth RM999 (T&C applies). Click here to check out more informations about Samsung NX1000. 


  1. Hello Povy! I actually bought this month ago. But connecting to mobile always make the camera get hanged and the only way to solve it is to take out the battery. :'( I just want to ask.. will you face the same problem too?

  2. I've planned to purchase a new camera like this but I am afraid that the price is too high although you mentioned it's the most affordable. :( Can you tell me how much you bought this? Thank you in advance.

  3. nice pink colour~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  4. Urghhh! When can i own camera like this.. Ithe white ne might be super cool....