Oneveryonelips being featured

Sunday, December 02, 2012

So while sipping my Sunday Morning Milo, i decided to blog a little and share my joy with all my readers. The Surprise for my blog is has been chosen as Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of December 2012.

From March till now with 9 months time for and Nuffnang. I'm glad that they found me and letting me be part of them. Million thanks to Nuffnang. Seriously nothing could be happier than be featured blogger on my age of 20 and throughout my blogging journey.

Just log onto Nuffnang Homepage and you will see me!.

Click Here to check it out. :)

Besides that, last Thursday i was lucky enough Timothy tagged me along for Bernama Radio Interview about NuffnangX. It was my first time going on a LIVE radio interview. I was so nervous and stoning most of the time, i kept quiet and let Tim talked most of the time introducing how cool NuffnangX. When it comes to my turn, I seriously have no idea what did i say, i just simply blahhhhh-ed anything about my blog. Pardon me if you people happened to hear any irrelevant stuff for my live Interview that day. 

Thank god Timothy and Audrey were there, not forgetting the super friendly DJ. (Sorry i forgot what's his name :/)

So here's a picture of Timothy and i before the Interview started. 

Lastly Many thanks to all my readers too!! I wouldn't be here today without you people supporting me all these while. I LOVE YA ALLLLL!! <3 So, keep reading my blog, do come back as often as you can, i will try my best to do better in future. *Finger crossed* 

Till then, going to J.Lo Dance Again World Tour soon. Dear rain can you stop like now??! La na na Hit on the floor...